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Calm Before the Storm

What a weekend! I’ve been literally running a mile a minute and still feel pretty behind. Whoa! I’m thinking I can handle another week or two more of this tops and then something is probably going to fall to the wayside – like finding clean socks or actually cooking in my kitchen. You know what I mean.

I’m in the midst of some nasty school weeks. Although teachers *try* to spread work out throughout the semester, the reality is that it all tends to wind up due in the same couple weeks. So, I’m doing a bit of a scramble.

Also scrambling to finish cleaning the apartment. I officially check out tomorrow right after work. So long, apartment. I won’t miss the appliances that were pretty awful but I will miss the awesome kitchen cupboards and large bathrooms.

I’ve got to ask, is everyone following the hurricane Sandy coverage? I was trying to remember how much Katrina coverage I watched (before the storm landed that is) and I can’t remember hearing much about it. Maybe that’s why there is that much more this time – they’re not fooling around? Hope everyone in harm’s way gets packed up and heads somewhere safe! Ben has a couple friends who JUST moved to Baltimore not even a month ago. Scary stuff.

I left my camera at Mom & Dad’s house last night and didn’t have time to drive back to pick it up. Ben is going to get it on the way home from work tonight so I’ll have a more colorful post for you all then. It looks cold outside and time to head to work. Catch you all tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. Have a great week Ali!!!

  2. Yeah, I am kind of following coverage LOL! We are far enough upstate to not worry about the hurricane force winds, but we will get a lot of wind and rain. Hoping we keep power, but we are prepared. I hope everyone heeds the warnings along the coast. This is serious business.

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