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Living for “Friday”

Happy Friday everyone! Wait – it’s not Friday for you? Sorry about that. 😀

I’ve never been the most organized person, I’ve probably mentioned that before. I like a certain degree of organized chaos – if things are spread out so I can take inventory, that works for me. The minute you take my mp3 player and shove it in a drawer or put it in a box, I’ll never find it. However – perched elegantly(?) on the coffee table ensures I’ll always have it when I need it.

Ben’s pretty much the opposite. If he had his way, there would be nothing on the walls, nothing visible on end/coffee/kitchen tables, everything tucked away somewhere as to give the illusion that you pretty much have nothing in the house. That works well if you HAVE nothing in the house – because then there’s no hunting around for your pink sock at 5:45 am. I’m just saying.

So – if the disorganization of our house – especially the kitchen – is getting to me then you know it’s getting to Ben. Yesterday I scooted off to an especially long and painful Finance class (Performa reports anyone?) and Ben decided to tackle a project that had been driving him nuts.

I now have a garage door opener that opens BOTH of the garage doors. Amazing!

We’re not exactly sure how the people before did it – having the double-sized garage door operated by one of the openers and the single needing to use another. Oh, and there were only one of each. So that meant I always got the garage door opener (which had 4 buttons so I had to push them all to get it to open). Now we each have one that opens both and that annoying aspect is fixed. Exciting stuff isn’t it?

What’s not so exciting… remember my beautiful golden backyard tree? This is what a few days of harsh wind will do. It’s been windy but really, really warm. I left class last night and didn’t even need my jacket. Rumor is the temps will plummet about 40 degrees from tonight into tomorrow. Time to break out the mittens, if I can find them. Maybe if they were on the coffee table…..

I am quite fond of the pretty leaves all on the ground though. We’ll give it another week and then bag em all up.

I do have neighbor tree envy though. Looking across my backyard and my neighbor not only has one of the red trees I want, but it still has all its leaves!

</tree envy>

I did get a surprise box from my grandpa in TX. My grandma had a heart attack on July 5th and has been in the hospital ever since. Gramps packed up a few books from her vast collection for me to read. Thanks Gramps 🙂

Tonight is another busy one – going to try out Body Pump after work and then tackle some more apartment cleaning. Tomorrow morning the family room furniture arrives (eeeeek hurray!) and the afternoon is carpet cleaning of the apartment and touching up a few spots in the house. Then I’ll sleep until Monday 😉



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  1. We have lost a lot of leaves on trees. There are a few that are just turning now, which is nice. We actually only have a tiny, tiny maple sapling in our front yard, by my neighbors never rake and we get all their leaves…

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