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Will you clean my apartment?

Dear Blog World,

I sit here, momentarily baffled at the time it takes to clean behind a washer and dryer. Did you know you can only pull them away from the wall so far – really only far enough to see the billows of dust that have accumulated since who-knows-how-long but really, because of the tightness of the room, there is absolutely no way to reach the floor to scrub.

Have you also experienced the annoyance that you almost need a 3 step approach when cleaning a floor?

Step 1: vacuum all the floors with a vacuum on non-carpet setting (a floor-vac)

Step 2: wipe all the floors with a wet wipe (clorox works great) to pick up errant pieces of dust, hair, lint, dirt that will then clump together and be nearly impossible to collect in a quick and orderly fashion (vacuum hose maybe?)

Step 3: scrub the floors with whatever cleaner you can find. Rule of thumb, the more toxic smelling the cleaner is, the better it will clean. If you want it to smell like flowers, you’ll be scrubbing for hours

In short, night #1 of apartment cleaning is going g r e a t.

I’m trying to get as much done before the carpet cleaners come on Friday. Sadly that means all free time is over there and the house is still in disarray:

Thank goodness Ben could eat pizza every day. We’ve been not eating the best (OK that’s a lie, we’re eating HORRIBLY) since there’s no time and half of our kitchen things are still in as-yet unidentified locations.

It’s funny though, I went to check on the pizza last night and discovered Ben unpacked the booze. He knows this bar room won’t be here long (I want the dining room back someday!) so I think he’s relishing every minute where he has it.

Funny – a good portion of the booze looks like stuff I would drink… apparently Ben threw out all of his stuff because it was old and he wanted newer bottles for his display (huh?). Funny guy. All my bottles are barely used.

But – the #1 priority has been completed. Aside from beds, socks, and clean underwear, computer set up for both of us ranks very high. Ben might even rank that over clean socks… I’m not sure.

I’m still shuddering at the carpet. Was thinking of getting a throw to put over it but I’m thinking our chair legs would bunch it up. Might as well leave as-is until we replace the carpets.

Tonight I have finance class. This is week 7 of 12 – can you believe it or does it sound like I’ve been racing around like crazy forever? Some days it feels like that. Work picks up towards the end of the year for me and I’m counting down the days (literally counting – 45 to be exact) before school is over, work wraps up the craziness for the year, and I can sit and enjoy life for a month before it starts up again. Ahhh

Have a great day everyone!


4 Responses

  1. Looking good! At least you have alcohol to get you through the cleaning! haha I hate cleaning!!

    • Ha ha! True. I’ve encountered a few people over the years that claim to “like” or “enjoy” cleaning – but I tend to think that’s more the organization aspect – not the wedging yourself in tight corners to reach dirt no one will ever see except your landlady type stuff. 🙂

  2. When we moved stuff around the do the floors, I was appalled at how dirty stuff was? Of course, I never move the couch to vacuum behind it or anything, so what did I expect??

    Take a nice relaxed approach about the new house. As long as you have your essentials located, just do a bit each day and take time to really learn the new house because once you get stuff put away, you will move it again once you realize it goes better somewhere else LOL!

  3. I admit, I cracked up at “Ben unpacked the booze”. He’s such a “guy”!! Funny. I agree with Lori, take it a step at a time, and it’ll be done before you know it.

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