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Sometimes it’s the little things

I seriously need Culvers to move away. It’s way too close to the house and I’m addicted to ice cream! When my family moved here in 1999 there was a three-store local ice cream store that made the most amazing soft serve. Their black raspberry, caramel cashew, and butter pecan flavors were simply out of this world. I cried a little when they closed while my waistline rejoiced. Now I have Culvers to reckon with. Last night I met up with a classmate to get a plan of action for our Finance group project. Group projects are no fun but they are more bearable when mint chocolate ice cream is involved.

Ben had to make an overnight trip to Madison for work. He left early Monday morning and will get home some time tonight. That worked well since I had class but it also meant a day with no progress on house organization. Some rooms kind of look like bombs went off. πŸ™‚

We have just enough set up to function and get around – the main priorities were beds, Internet and clothes for work. At this point, we don’t have Ben’s desk put back together so we’re both taking turns using mine. Thankfully we’ve been too busy to be online otherwise we may have had to duel it out for computer time!

I also discovered my mover parents extraordinaire had put all my dead flowers out on my porch. LOL

I’d purposely stopped watering them a few weeks ago so they’d dry out and be easily dumped into the garbage. Now I’m finding I enjoy the last couple blooms. Seeing little things here and there are making this feel more like home.

Tonight we’re going over to remove the last carload (or two?) of items from my apartment and get cracking on wiping the place down. I was busy washing sheets on moving day and just left all the detergent where it was. Now we have a HE washer and can’t use this anymore anyway.

I had some errant Christmas decorations that I didn’t want smooshed into a box and told everyone to just leave. I need to get a few large containers for all my Christmas stuff. Plus, I have some swanky shelves to put the boxes on so it’ll be oh-so-organized!

I know it’s not Christmas (yet) but it’s starting to feel that way when you walk into stores and *gasp* see commercials on TV. Somehow it seems Christmas should wait until Nov 1st. Let’s get Halloween out of the way and then have two months to ring the Christmas bells. However, I discovered some coffee creamer I bought last year that I just might crack open a bit early.

Melted S’mores? Yes please!

(Umm diet is officially on hold until house is organized. Do not judge. πŸ™‚ )

Boo – the Cardinals didn’t just lose last night, they were utterly destroyed. Very sad way to end the season but maybe it’ll light a fire for next year. Then again, is it too much to hope your baseball team will win the World Series THREE times in your life? Maybe?



2 Responses

  1. Yum – Culvers! Your posts make me miss it πŸ™‚ Cheese curds with dinner and then the caramel cashew for dessert. Yep. Good thing our ice cream shops close up for the season – although the local Stewart’s shops makes ice cream. It’s just not as fun to go for ice cream to a convenience store!

  2. Melted smores creamer??? yes please!! πŸ™‚ Have a great day Ali!!!

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