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All Moved In

For any of you who enjoy packing up and moving – I both take my hat off to you and stare at you with a perplexed and confused look on my face.

Moving ain’t fun folks. 🙂

But it’s done! Hurray!

Ben was up at 5am on Saturday prepping things for the move. Our plan was to have most of the small stuff moved out so that our helpers would only need to lift furnture. Heavier, yes – but fewer trips. I’d pack up, load things to the top of the stairs, and Ben would load into the car.

When did I get all this stuff? I couldn’t tell ya 🙂

I went around and labeled all the furniture so people would know which room to put things into. When we moved Ben out of his house, often Ben and I would both be busy moving stuff ourselves and people would be sitting and waiting for us to tell them what to do with something. So I clearly labeled everything with “Living Room” or “Back left bedroom”.

We dashed out at 8am to grab an on-the-go breakfast and then the moving truck. McDonalds has been used far too much lately. I’m going to be glad to get back to eating healthier stuff again. It takes great but my tummy isn’t happy afterwards.

I then proceeded to chomp on my McGriddle and wait in the car while Ben got the rental… for 40 minutes.

Ben wasn’t sure why it was taking so long and since people were going to show up at 9, I took off and drove back to the apartment to wait.

I don’t have any moving pics – it was pretty chaotic from that point on. Only 2 of the 6 people who said they’d come and help showed up, so it took a lot longer and we were exhausted by the time everything was done. Luckily all our parents showed up. My folks went right to work taking down bed frames and pictures and then carting them over and setting everything back up. Can’t imagine where we’d have been that night if they hadn’t been there!

Everyone left around 3pm and at that point I just looked at Ben and laughed. It was one of those “Ok, now what”? type moments where there’s a project (or three) in every corner and you really don’t know where to start. I pulled a few boxes out of the back bedroom that we’d dumped just about everything to sort through later and found our sheets and towels and got to work making beds.

The couch that was supposed to go into the bedroom didn’t fit. It’s insanely heavy to begin with and despite two attemps, the removal of all the feet, and considerable prayers and finger-crossings, it just wouldn’t fit. So now it’s sitting in the garage until we figure out what to do with it. We also had a few birds fly into the garage at some point. They managed to deposit quite a lot of #ahem# stuff all across the walls and garage door. We honestly can’t figure out how it splashed all the way across in that fashion… Anyways, that took a good deal of elbow grease, windex, and paper towels. I’m thinking we’ll need to re-paint that wall now.

There is a benefit to moving furniture that hasn’t been moved in a few months. Normally I find hair ties, bit of paper…

Yeah baby!

The kitchen is in delightful shambles. I’m shoving things into the shelves only to shuffle and re-shove. I’m short; the shelves are high, so I only have the bottom two that are really useful to me. Ben went out and got me a tiny step ladder – but I’m not going to want to use that every day so I have to determine what I’ll need most and put that lower even if it doesn’t make “sense” with how the cupboards will be laid out.

Please note the dust on top of my red recipe box. Clearly the top of my apt fridge did not get regular dustings. Oh for shame! 😉

Ben bought me some new flowers for my kitchen window.

I’d be lying if I didn’t have a few minor moments where I felt overwhelmed and thought I might cry. I’m not good at organization and it’s a bit much to take in. On the other hand, Ben is good at this. Plus – he’s been itching like crazy to unpack things he’s had in storage since April. I know he’s beyond excited to get his stuff out and feel like he’s home rather than in a transition. Each time I get something unpacked and put away, I feel much better. It’s very satisfying to pick through and figure things out. I just wish I had a good week to do it rather than in between work and classes. It’ll come.

We moved the chairs out of the living room so we had a spot to take a break and watch the Packer game and the StL Cardinal game. At least the Pack won!

We tried out the stove – it’s ancient. I think new appliances are now trumping the list of all other future purchases. Ironically, we made cinnamon rolls. Not sure why.


I did have a moment to stop and admire how wonderful the back yard is. I had hoped one of the trees would be the bright red or striking orange color I wanted but that didn’t happen. Might need to plant one. But – sweaty, defeated, and tuckered out I couldn’t believe just how beautiful the tree right outside the kitchen is. I love it.

Should be a good week – I’m looking forward to seeing the progress we can make.



8 Responses

  1. That kitchen space looks enormous! So jealous!!

  2. I was thinking about you and the move this weekend. The hard part is over now and every little bit you do now is progress. It just gets annoying when you can’t find something you want.

    I love your fireplace!

  3. YAY!! Glad you are moved in. And I agree, moving is GROSS! It’ll so be worth it though, looks lovely. (and I have serious kitchen space envy!) Have a great Monday.

  4. The kitchen looks beautiful. After all that hard work moving in, you’ll be so you did it. What a reward 🙂

  5. Good luck on settling in! The cinnamon rolls look delicious and the tree outside is beautiful.

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