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Blue Screen of Death

Ha – it’s been quite the week around here!

One of the projects I’m working on at work has needed vendor support. They were supposed to wrap everything up some time Wed but are still here fixing issues that are taking a LOT longer for them to figure out. Argh! Now I’m just hoping they can resolve the rest of the stuff this morning so I can leave at my usual time. I’ve been working late this week on non-school nights and it’s been stretching me a bit further than I’d like.

Mom brought over some ‘taco platter’ for us. She’d made some for the family and just doubled and brought over one for us too! Soooo wonderful to not have to cook when we’re racing around.

Taco platter is a family tradition – best served during a family movie night or during a big ballgame. It’s very similar to tacos (basically the same thing) except you thin the meat out a bit more so that you can more easily scoop up with chips. Then you layer on sour cream and other toppings. Mom will do one half with just cheese for Alex, Matt and I will eat cheese and tomatoes, and then the one she makes for the parents has black olives as well.

A little taco sauce on mine – delish!

Do any of you remember the fire that I watched a bit of a few months ago? I finally drove past to see the damage – looks like they caught things pretty early.

Yesterday morning I was scrambling to get a post up and got some driver error followed by the blue screen of death and a hard reboot. After pulling out the card reader and moving it to Ben’s computers, all my photos were gone. 😦 Luckily I back up  fairly regularly but the most recent chaotic moving pics are not here (on second thought, maybe I should show you the nice finished photos instead of the current chaos??)

In between packing up the kitchen (food is H E A V Y) and making trips over to drop it off on the kitchen island, I watched the Cardinals win game 4 of the NCLS. Now, all we need is to win tonight and the Cards will be headed to the World Series again!

The plan today is to just move as much stuff as I can. I want to be sore, aching, and triumphant by the time game 4 starts at 7 so I can settle in and reward myself. Then – bright and early tomorrow we’re off to pick up the moving truck and people arrive to help us move! Can’t believe it’s finally happening!


2 Responses

  1. That taco platter looks tasty! Good luck with the move. Hope you get it all done this weekend 😀

  2. My family always has a taco platter layer dip on Christmas eve! Good luck with the move 🙂

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