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Tis the spooky season

Is anyone else amused by all the interesting/creative/over-the-top costumes people come up with for Halloween every year? I continue to be amazed by all the decorations people have in/on/around their houses. Somewhere I read that Halloween is the second largest holiday next to Christmas now?

Kinda makes me want a pet to dress up and post on Facebook…

My shelf-making co-workers / friends got us into watching The Walking Dead. It’s a TV show about a zombie apocalypse. Fair warning, the series is awesome but there is tremendous carnage – lots of gore – not for little kids. Anyways, our friends are really into the show and similarily really into Halloween. We went over to watch the season finale of season 2 and got a glimpse of their decor.

Nothing like a little kid answering the door and a scary-masked dude guarding a cauldron of candy.

This witch actually freaks me out a bit up close (I’m a wimp!). Her eyes move and as she cackles, her arms move around like she’s casting a spell with her magic ball.

One of the cuter(?) and amusing touches is the little skeleton playing the piano. I’ll bet he puts Motzart to shame!

This fun guy has eyes that change color. Apparently the cats aren’t terribly fond of him and they often jump up and pull his head off. Ha Ha Ha

But by far the coolest thing is the wall painted in their living room. Right after Halloween they are starting a big renovation of their kitchen – and this wall is going to be ripped down – so they are taking advantage and using it as part of the decor. All the large tombstones on the bottom are actual foam tombstone pieces and the lights in the house are little battery-powered tea lights. They carved out tiny pieces of the drywall to make room for the lights. Crazy/awesome! Should be an awesome Halloween party!

Back to class for me tonight and Ben has the lovely job of moving more stuff. We are very fortunate to have the extra bedrooms because we don’t have time to sort through everything so I’m just telling Ben to dump it all in one bedroom to go through later this month sometime this year probably never. Oh boy.

The Cardinals lost game two last night so I’m hoping for a comeback this afternoon. Tomorrow I may be able to catch part of the game while we start emptying out the kitchen. Hard to believe we’ll be moved in just a few more days and SO glad we had the extra week to move stuff on our own.

Question: Do you go all out for Halloween? Christmas, like me? Do you have crazy neighbors who decorate everywhere?


2 Responses

  1. OH MY GOSH. I am laughing so hard at that dog!!! I wish that i could decorate more for the holiday but my little teeny apartment doesnt really allow for it…can’t wait to have a place of my own!

  2. My sister is the Halloween queen! She will decorate more for that than Christmas. We decorate some and always carve pumpkins. We use the Pumpkin Master patterns and our pumpkins are the favorites for the kids to see in our neighborhood.

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