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Moving the Moving Day

I can’t tell you how happy I am we’re pushing back moving day by one week. Luckily I don’t have to be out of my apartment until the end of the month, so we have additional wiggle room to play with and still have ample time to get the apartment cleaned before checkout.

Cause it’s all rain and thunderstorms going on here:


Definitely would NOT want to be moving clothes, mattresses, etc in this weather. Plus, we just got the carpets cleaned.

When we first looked at the house, they had a little sign up asking people to take off their shoes or wear little foot booties. In fact, from what we could see (mostly the steps) the carpets looked in great shape. When we moved in? Not so much. I’m guessing all their previous efforts went out the window when they knew they were moving out.



Can you see the dirt on the steps? Those were 100% pristine when we viewed the house back in July.


They had waterbeds in 3 of the bedrooms and probably never moved them. As a result, the carpet pad was pretty worn and even the cleaner couldn’t suck the fibers back up. Bummer


Tools of the carpet cleaning trade:



There are some large stains that look like they wicked back up., so we’ll have to find yet another free time to have them come back and touch those up. We’re adding “replace carpets” to the long list of eventual home repairs/updates and in the meantime, maybe I’ll find a decorative area rug or three for the worst spots. 🙂


We had more frost this morning and I parked my car outside, so I got to scrape the windshield. Ben was at work on Thursday night when he called around 5 (he usually leaves at 4) to let me know his car wouldn’t start and he was waiting for the tow truck. Luckily we (hopefully) got it fixed and had to drive the 45min each way to pick up his car and drive it home. Poor timing if we HAD moved today, because we didn’t have Ben’s SUV and my car doesn’t have a trailer hitch, but good timing considering Ben had the day off and we kept busy doing other things.




They are wrapping up the yearly fundraising event at work. There are a bunch of different events and all the proceeds are donated to various charities. I’ve always bought a ton of bucket raffle tickets and this year I won a basket! The basket ended up being the exact value I spent on raffle tickets, so it all worked out. Ha!


$100 gas card, car tire shine spray, febreeze, and a full service car wash!


With my big pot of chili now depleted, we tried Olive Garden’s new promotional special: Dinner Today Dinner Tomorrow. They have 5 options for dishes and you pick one to eat there and one for them to pack up and take home with you.

It works great because the meal you eat there also comes with the standard soup or salad and breadsticks – otherwise the portion sizes are much smaller than what you’d get if you ordered the same thing right off the menu.

Here are our take-home meals:





Today we’re off to get some breakfast and then sort through the couple loads of boxes we moved into the garage last night. The rain all of a sudden started POURING down so it’ll be fun rushing out in this. 🙂 Luckily we have things to do inside and won’t need to be carting stuff back and forth.

Happy Saturday!


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  1. All that rain has come our way now. Guess it does mean time for household projects, right? I have decided I just don’t like carpet. Throw rugs are fine, but wall to wall is too hard to keep clean and with John’s allergies, it makes sense. However, I do love to loll on the carpet on the floor sometimes when I am visiting those with carpets – especially watching football! 😀

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