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The Rain Dance

We’re looking at an abort here folks. Saturday’s forecast is doom, gloom, rain, and thunder – hardly ideal moving conditions and I’m fearing for what will then be my freshly cleaned carpets. EEK

I think the plan today is to see if the friends we have lined up to help us are available next week Saturday instead. If they are and if we can move the truck rental, we might be better off pushing it out a week. That still would give me almost a week to get my apartment cleaned out before the carpets in there are cleaned but would give us a chance to have stuff packed and ready to go rather than put in some all-nighters tonight and tomorrow to get organized. Will keep you posted.

In the meantime, my kitchen table has been completely overrun with Finance materials. With the midterm, text, study guide, notes, and chapter problems I’ve been spreading all out and tackling a problem here and a problem there. I felt pretty confident turning it in last night and settling into the in-class portion. In fact, I breezed through the mid-term in 45min and peeked around at other people still working on the first page. Makes me a little nervous because I wonder if I missed some trick questions or something but it’s done now and I did the best I could. One midterm down, one to go!


Dinner this week has been yummy and repetitive. ๐Ÿ™‚ I made a huge pot of chili Sunday night and Mon-Wed we’ve had a bowl. It’s been wonderful because I haven’t had to spend time cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen after dinner. Plus it’s a bit healthier than frozen pizzas. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now we can get home from work, eat, and be out the door again in under 30 minutes. Perfect!

If I had to offer any painting advice to you all – don’t paint at night. It’s especially hard when you’re painting a similar color over the top (cream over white, etc…) because it makes it even more difficult to see areas you’ve missed. Not a big problem though, you look over when it’s dry in better light and mark all the areas. Can you tell we’ve never rolled walls before? Lots of touch-ups needed!

But it worked well because we rolled the first time and then Dad can do the touch-ups and make sure everything looks right in the end. Thank goodness for my Dad!!

We removed all the tape from the kitchen and it almost looks like a regular kitchen now. Ha ha. Just need the window treatment back on.

I have tomorrow off of work so tonight we’ll be doing more final touchups and determining if we can get people to help move on the 20th instead of this Saturday. Lots to do, time to scoot!


One Response

  1. LOL at the touch ups! You definitely need good light to paint at night. Or a paint sprayer.

    I love that kitchen island! Jealous ๐Ÿ˜€

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