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The end … is near?

Top o’ the morning to you all!

First off, I’ve got to apologize. I’m beyond dead tired here – between regular classes, papers, studying for midterms, and painting a house I’ve tried to keep you up to date with the happenings. So sometimes I’m blogging late at night (as in early the next day) and, as a result, I’ve repeated a few pictures. We’ve taken a billion so you’d think I’d be able to differentiate but it goes to show you: don’t ask Ali for anything at 2 in the morning. She’s the walking dead then.

I’m armed with extra java this morning though so we’re all good. πŸ™‚

I have a two-part Finance midterm I’m working on. The take home portion (also the lion’s share) has been a work in progress this week and then on Wed we have the in class portion. I will be so happy to have that behind me! So theΒ 6 day forecast in Ali Land is:

Tuesday: Touch up master bedroom trim, trim accent wall in living room, attempt to paint divider lines in hallway and living room

Wednesday: Have dad fix everything I messed up painting on Tuesday, take Midterm for Finance, explain to my project team why I haven’t started my portion of our assignment yet

Thursday: Final touch ups, removing all the tape, putting face plates back on the switches, removing all the painting drop clothes and supplies, and starting to organize and pack up the apt

Friday: Pack, Pack, Pack – Organize, Organize, Organize and let carpet cleaners in at 2pm

Saturday: Friends/family come at 9am to help move – goal is to have all the big items moved by the end of the day.

Sunday: Moving the lighter stuff

It’s aggressive. Some of the tasks on the list look minor but I know they are putsy and take a lot of time. I also am not totally thrilled with having so little time to organize and pack. I’m thinking it’ll be chaotic at best and we’ll end up moving stuff into next week too.

But, the house is looking wonderful. I’m really happy and when I have a spare second, I love looking out into the front yard. It’s a really pretty time of year.

I just need my bright orange/red tree and I’ll be all set! πŸ™‚

The kitchen is almost done. Ben started putting the face plated back on last night and the fresh coat of paint made such a difference. It’s amazing!

I’ve also been remiss in photographing the flowers Ben but in the kitchen window the first morning we were official owners.

The flowers are now in the “staging” room – the bar/dining room. We’ve had a large supply of frozen pizzas around for people who come to help. We just plug in the pizza pizzazz and away they cook – no disruption in the kitchen and it’s quick and easy. At one point we wanted to tackle the bar room and paint it too, but we’re just running out of time and since it will be so seldom used, it can wait.

Another putsy task – making piles of all the face plates that are dirty and gross, counting them up so we can run out and purchase more. It’s cheap to replace with new ones and less labor intensive than hand washing all the grimy ones.

I think after this painting is done, I’m not going to want to paint again for the rest of my life (famous last words!).

Hopefully on Thursday I’ll be able to grab some awesome “finished” painting pics to show you. I’m super excited to unveil the master bedroom but I’m still biting my nails over the living room. Not quite sure how it’s going to work with the furniture we have now!


3 Responses

  1. I’m tired just reading this post – and I was already tired LOL! Can’t wait to see the house with your stuff and the new colors in there πŸ˜€

    • Yes!! It’s looking great now though and I’m very happy we’re making the push to do this prior to moving in. Otherwise I wonder if we’d ever have gotten around to it. Lots of work.

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