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Sore Muscles

Did you know that any task, done repetitiously and not part of your normal daily plan, can cause pain? 🙂 Naw, you all knew that! My aram are definitely feeling all the painting that’s been going on! It’s been total craziness around here!

Thursday night I managed to get to yoga only to discover it wasn’t yoga per se, but Body Flow which mixes yoga, tai chi, and pilates moves into the workout. The music was not great and she left the lights on in order to record herself for a certification, but other than that it wasn’t bad. In fact, it was less repetitive than the yoga I tried a few weeks ago. Still have to modify and skip out on most of the downward dogs and planks since my wrist isn’t a fan.

First thing Friday morning we were off an running – not even taking time to make food! McDonalds apple cinnamon oatmeal and iced coffee to the rescue.


We have 4 bedrooms upstairs. One hardly seemed to be used and since we were pressed for time, we decided not to paint it. Instead it’s become the storage garage for all the various doors and shelf parts we’ve had to store while painting.

The two smaller bedrooms are all painted. Just waiting for them to dry and we can remove tape and start screwing the face plates back on the electrical switches.

Bad lighting here but this was the “blue” room – you can see on the top where we had started trimming the ceiling.

Ceilings done on the “aqua” room. I think I was worried when I picked out new colors that I’d end up with something horrendous like this. It’s a really faded seafoam color. Bleh!!

The master bedroom actually had a fairly decent darker cream/brown color. However the walls were stained and smudged and, like every other room in the house, they painted the ceiling the same color as the walls which made the room feel very small and dark. Oh – and they painted with flat paint as well. Real professionals I tell ya. 😉

First order of business was to get a bunch of samples and paint all over the walls to see which colors we liked for the living room.

I joked to Ben that we should just paint weird stripes on the walls in wacky colors. 😀

Front entry / living room all taped and ready to go!

We were fortunate enough to have a LOT of my Dad’s time over the weekend. He took a few vacation days to get stuff done at home and ended up spending most of the weekend with us. (whoops! but thanks a million Dad!!) Dad was in charge of ceilings and careful trimming jobs. Ben would trim the ceiling white in all the rooms and the taller trim colors I couldn’t reach. My job was to trim around the baseboards, windows, and electrical switches – as well as to run out paint on my brush by leaving amusing notes throughout.

Living room with my apricot color – eek!

Dad already had a ton of drop cloths and I think Ben and I bought about 10 more. But with multiple rooms being worked on at the same time, it was definitely needed!

Watch your head as you walk upstairs, serious business is going on…

Everyone always tells a home buyer to “look through the paint colors” when buying a house. Why? because paint is easy to fix. Yes, it’s easier than a kitchen that’s too small or a doorway you can’t move around but boy is it time consuming! Working all last weekend, several nights this past week, and all of this weekend and we’re still not done! Lots of rooms have required additional coats of paint and there’s funky corners that take time to properly tape and edge. I’m really hoping I don’t end up hating the apricot living room cause we’re not going to want to paint again for a long,long time!

We have a tiny bit of touch-up work left in the master bedroom upstairs (can’t wait to show you how it turned out!), the accent wall in the living room, the trim in the family room, and the bar room / dining room hasn’t even been started. Right now it’s the dumping/sorting ground for coats, keys, snacks and painting supplies since every other square foot of downstairs space is covered in plastic. Fingers crossed we’ll have all the painting done by Wed night. Then the plan is to use Thus night and Friday to get things sorted and start packing. We move on Saturday!


5 Responses

  1. I like the apricot quite a lot! I almost never use drop cloths when I paint because I trip on them or get the ladder tangled up LOL! I just keep a small container of water and a sponge ready to quick wipe up spills.

    Looking good!

    • We would have been in serious trouble if we’d forgone the drop cloths. Rolling the ceilings created tons of tiny little specs all over the place… Plus, we may or may not have had a minor incident with the tray of apricot paint!

  2. Painting is so much fun! I remember a few years ago when I was helping my boyfriend with remodeling projects and we re-did the whole kitchen (it’s about 95% done now). The painting was fun but I would have chosen colors that were more fun than what my boyfriend wanted. 🙂

  3. I really like the aqua! What color is it?

    • I’m not sure – the aqua was the color they had in the house when we moved in – but it was a pale green / seafoam color. It looked much darker when you can see the room with the aqua carpeting.

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