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Sage or no Sage

I’m still pondering and debating whether or not to paint my bedroom a nice sage color. The problem is that what I have envisioned in my head doesn’t seem to be a color I can find in the store (odd right) or at least doesn’t look right when it’s painted on the wall. We’re running out of time for decisioning on stuff like this, so might just revert back to the white for that room too. That’ll leave just the living room with a splash of va-va-voom.

We had vendors on site at work yesterday and I spent the entire day with them – working from 6:30am to 5:30pm and hightailing it out of there to be at class at 6pm. We just got our take-home portion of the midterm and I haven’t even glanced at it yet. Plus I have a paper to write for my other class – due Monday. Oofta

Ben made some more of his low-carb chicken parmesan for me last night. He was kind enough to photo his piece (eaten around 5pm) because my piece was eaten at 9:30 pm standing over the counter in dim lighting. Such is life at the moment. 🙂


I don’t do much on Facebook anymore except log in here and there to see if anything exciting is happening to anyone I know. I am loving all the gorgeous Fall pictures people find and put up! Here are a couple of my favorites:


Tonight I’m off to try and relax during yoga. This will be my second time! After that I am doing a short detour to catch up with ex-co workers for a quick bite and then it’s back to the house for more painting!


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  1. I really like sage. Our living room is a sage color now and it is actually pretty easy to bring in other accent colors to go with.

    I do facebook a lot, actually. It’s nice to be able to say quick things or catch up with people. I don’t do any of the games, though – big time suck LOL!

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