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Trimming and more trimming

We have a cute little tree on the walkway by my apartment. I’ve been telling Ben that I really want a bright, fiery red tree somewhere in the new house. I just LOVE fall colors! Expect more in the coming weeks šŸ™‚

This has probably been one of the craziest weeks of my life. I can’t even begin to tell you how swamped things are around here. Yesterday after a grueling day of work, I dashed home to make and eat dinner with Ben and then we were off to get paint samples.

There’s serious construction everywhere which makes traveling longer and more frustrating. Please, don’t get me started on all the round-a-bouts either. One intersection has 3 double roundabouts completely back to back – normally I am good at navigating through them with no problem but in high traffic times, it’s crazy, insane, and I wish I had the silly stop light to tell me (and the other fools on the road) when to go.

We got 50 shades of apricot (ha ha) color samples and a couple quick light green ones to try out.

Ben started right away trimming away on the baseboards and around the outlets so when my dad comes back tomorrow morning, he can get to town rolling the walls.

Did you know sage green when it isn’t dry kinda looks like vomit? OK it really looks like vomit. We’re trying to decide if it will look better when the whole wall is the darker green shade or if we should scrap it all and go with the cottage white.

It can’t be worse than the aqua color they painted one of the bedrooms – ugh!!

Ben grabbed the camera for an action shot

Let me tell you, painting the trim portion is a tedious task. Even more discouraging was the fact that we’re going to have to do a second coat because it’s not covering very well. We spent from 5-8pm last night trimming before I had Ben drop me at the apt to tackle my finance homework. He went back for another hour and a half to get more done but still didn’t finish just the two bedrooms!

I was doing homework until 11:30pm and still didn’t even get to the final chapter we were supposed to complete problems for! It’s insane and so time consuming. Today I am loaded up with some vendors at work for the entire day. They wanted to take us out for dinner but with class tonight, I have to pass. On site vendors means weird hours and constant catering to make sure the day is full and valuable. I’m exhausted.

Here’s hoping I can make it through the day!


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  1. Soooo exciting!!!! EEK!

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