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All the Pretty Colors

My name is Ali and I’m a Cottage White person.

Cottage White is my family’s go-to color for wall painting. It’s neutral with a touch of yellow cream that brightens rooms, looks great with any decor, and works with any baseboard color/style you have. In a pinch, with Cottage White – you just can’t go wrong.

Ben and I watch enough DIY and home makeovers / renovation shows to know that color and accent walls are the new “it” thing to do. We want to be hip, we want to be stylish – but we also don’t want to end up with something like this:

We’ve done our fair share of cringing while friends and neighbors select dark teals, browns, and other bold, flashy colors that take so much away from the stuff in the room – well to me it just doesn’t look calm and inviting anymore. BUT that’s just me. Heck, if no one liked red walls, no one would paint them red – but someone obviously does.

The point is, it’s your house and you should be able to express your own sense of style. My trouble comes with trying to balance doing something kind of funky and different with my long-held idea that beige/cream/tan and the various tones within are the way to go.

So when I told Ben I had some different colors I wanted to try, he visibly blanched. He’s also 100% on the Cottage White bandwagon. Seriously, when we painted Ben’s old house to get it ready to be listed, we pondered and considered for three DAYS on what tan/taupe accent wall color would go the best with Cottage White – elongate the living room a bit but without being flashy and so overt that it would detract potential buyers.

I’m learning a lot about the warm and cool colors of a house and we’re realizing the people who built the house and picked out the styles and colors did not understand this concept. The outside is decidedly cool, the inside is warm – with the exception of all the carpeting and flooring.ย  We don’t have the cheap bright white trim baseboards which could flip flop between cool or warm depending on floor colors so we’re definitely looking at warm colors for the inside.

Work with me on this for a second… and don’t judge cause I’m nervous

I’ve always loved warm, Tuscan type colors – the sage greens, warm apricots, and muted yellows. Again, we don’t have tiled living room floors or the white trim (nor do we have the blue palm tree furniture) but I love the idea of an apricot accent wall with a lighter cream surrounding it and then (eventually) some cream colored furniture and accent throw pillows.

Every timeย I see my little color swatches taped to the wall I’m simultaneously horrified and giggly with excitement. Then Ben blanches a bit more and suggests maybe a darker tinted Cottage White. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night Dad and Ben worked on the second coat of ceiling white in the upstairs bedrooms. At least there was no discussion about that color. Word of advice – do NOT paint your ceilings the same color as the walls the way the previous owners here did. It makes your rooms look dark and much smaller than they really are.

I will be so happy to see the “Aqua Room” go away!

Tonight Ben and I are going to get some small samples of the colors and paint sections of the walls to see what we think.

And when we’re done I’ll be momentarily horrified at my choices, and then giggle and jump up and down enthusiastically while Ben reminds me that he gets to pick the basement colors himself. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 Responses

  1. That color you like is kind of like pumpkin. I love, love color. We painted a room in our first home a deep, deep purple and I loved it. When we put the house on the market, we did repaint it a light color because I knew other people would hate it.

    The great thing about paint is if you make a mistake with the color, it is a cheap fix.

    • Pumpkin you say? Ha – maybe it’s a seasonal Freudian thing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Yes, we keep telling us the worst that can happen is we hate it and re-paint later. Majority will be cream colored so we’re just branching out slowly.

  2. I have such a tough time with redecorating. I have to see the entire room in a magazine then look at the room we’re redecorating and go back and forth, back and forth …then like you, I get so nervous about my choice. It all works out good in the end.

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