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You’re only a day away…

Last night Renee and I tackled our third fitness class: Total Body Fitness. It kicked our butts.

I love Body Combat because I’m always moving but every move is doable. In TBF last night, here’s how it went down:

High-jumps: fail

8 pushups / 8 mountain climbers / 8 walking pushups / burpee: fail

Jumping lunges: fail

Suicides: sounds rough but I rocked those!

Suspended pushups: total body fail

I’ve noticed my wrists don’t do well with any kind of pushup/upright plank kind of exercise so I’ve modified to do other kinds of arm and ab exercises while I was at Get in Shape – however a teacher in front of 20 people doesn’t have time to address the specific needs of each student, so I modified where I could or just sipped water waiting for that interval to be over.

They had a second instructor who would pull people out of class in groups of two. She had hanging ropes with loops on the end that you’d put your feet through and then do pushups from there. That totally didn’t happen. What was worse was that it was in the main gym area so everyone got to witness my failure. –sigh–

They have TBF offered by another instructor on Friday mornings which I had hoped to try on days I have off from work, but we’ll see. For right now, Renee and I are thinking this won’t be a repeat class.

WhatΒ are repeats though, are raspberries. Seriously, if I ever get my garden then raspberries will be a MUST. Do the math here: 5 pints of raspberries a week at $2.99/pint (and that’s the Summer organic price!). It increases in the winter. Ben and I used to eat a pint of berries each per day but we’ve cut back to 1/2 a pint a day each. I’d eat 2 pints a day if they weren’t so pricey. Love em! πŸ™‚

With classes two nights a week, these days we’re back to quick and easy meal-planning. If we don’t plan ahead, we’re in trouble. With little time in the evenings to make food, eat, and get out the door, if we stare inside the fridge with perplexed looks too long, dinner just doesn’t happen.

So in a pinch, we resort to breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast at any time! I just sautee some veggies before adding the egg for a veggie boost. We never seem to eat enough veggies and I always like to make sure we have a serving or two with dinner.

Ben liberally douses his with “Mexican dirty sauce”. The smell of vinegar never seems appealing to me. But I know lots of people love their hot sauce!

I have a tragic story to tell. I splurged and got my fingers AND toes done for the wedding. I never get my finger nails done because I type on the keyboard all day but I thought it would be fun to match.

And then, somehow, after just THREE days – a huge chunk of my big toenail fell off. Lemme tell you, it HURTS!!

And as expected, my pretty fingers are chipping away…

Oh well, at least they were pretty for a couple days!

Anyone tried a pumpkin latte this year yet? I have a coupon so maybe one is in my future. Although I remember being a big fan of the peppermint mochas. Mmmm

And… at long last, tomorrow is CLOSING DAY! It seems like forever ago when we put the offer in on the house and with such a long wait, it’s been business as usual around here. Hard to believe how quickly things are now about to change… πŸ™‚


6 Responses

  1. Ahhh yay that’s so exciting!!! Also, just catching up—that pizza from the last post looks awesome πŸ™‚ And you look great at the wedding πŸ™‚

  2. I love veggie egg scrambles for dinner.
    Have you tried holding weights while you do pushups? It’s too hard to explain in text but here’s a photo:http://fittipdaily.com/push-ups-to-save-your-wrists-3094/
    And a really good wrist stretch I learned in yoga is to turn your hands, palms up, fingers pointing towards your heels, and step on your palms. Sounds bad, but it works!

  3. That sounds like a TRX workout or something. Looks tough! Try doing the pushups/planks with a pad under your palms to help cushion it. You will build up wrist strength as you keep doing it, but wrists are generally weak, so it takes time.

    Yay for house closing! Are you going on Thursday and eating pizza on the floor in an empty kitchen? πŸ˜€

    • Funny you should mention pizza…. Ben asked me last weekend what I thought would be the first thing we cooked in the new kitchen and I gave him a confused look explaining that I thought pizza was what you were “supposed’ to do when moving and everything was in disarray. πŸ™‚ We have all of Oct to get the house cleaned, painted, and moved in so hopefully it won’t be too chaotic. But I still want pizza πŸ˜€

  4. When you first start a workout routine it should be tough and something you grow into but not so much so that it completely puts you off. At least you had a friend to get through the class with.
    Love those little toes! …even if the polish is chipping away, at least they look nice. Mine are unpainted and tortured from too much sneaker time. πŸ™‚

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