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All I Can Say Is: WOW

Somehow I’ve been totally remiss in mentioning anything about the football season – despite the fact that I’m a die-hard Packer fan. That all changes now…

So for those of you not up to speed on the current NFL referee situation, allow me to quickly bring you up to date. The regular officials went on strike (for what, I don’t know – probably the usual higher salaries and benefits stuff) and we’ve had replacement refs officiating all of the games so far this year. There’s been more than a handful of majorly, overtly botched calls – culminating in this week’s ridiculous instances. There were extra time outs given, challenges allowed when all time outs had been used, questionable calls that weren’t communicated to the coaches to understand if a play had even been reviewed… and then the Packers game last night.

It was terrible. To be fair, the Pack looked just awful the first half but the defense picked up just enough to keep them in the game and by the second half they were dominating. Anyways, there’s nothing that can be done now. I wonder how those refs at home are enjoying this? Probably a lot except they’ve now missed out on all the preseason games as well as the first 3 weeks – that’s a significant piece of income when you consider they don’t exactly have to work every day, all year. I digress.

Since it was a school night and a football day, we got a take and bake pizza for a quick dinner.


I really love the white garlic sauce over the marinana – so I usually get that. It’s delicious.

I could probably eat pizza every day if my waistline would let me. Pizza is soul food!

Meanwhile, have any of you early birds noticed how dark it is in the morning and the colder morning temps? We had frost! This is worrying Ben quite a bit because I only have one stall in my apartment garage and he doesn’t want to have to scrape his car. I told him he’ll be tucked into his new garage soon (we close in TWO days!!!).

I get up at 5:30 to dress, blog, and drink a cup of coffee before work. Usually by the time we roll out the door around 6:20 it’s somewhat light out. Not so much anymore. I am not a fan of the shorter days at all!!

But, I love the smell of Fall and the pretty colors!! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. While I completely and obviously agree with you about the game last night. I do want to mention something about the real refs.
    They actually do have full-time jobs (aside from their reffing jobs). What the NFL wants them to do is to quit their full-time jobs and get paid the crap that they get paid.. it’s really not fair to the refs, and I’m sure the owners out there can cough up some pocket money to pay them decently.
    For what it’s worth, my hubby’s uncle was a ref in the NFL (until he had to have hip surgery), now he does something in the booth. But his wife makes more money than he does reffing. He also has a full-time daily job.

    Regardless of that all…. I’m done watching football until the real refs come back. It’s just beyond ridiculous now.

    • Thanks for the inside info on the ref situation! I think one of the worst things about all this is that fans really don’t understand what the issues are that are still being worked out. So as fans, we just end up getting frustrated with both sides until it’s resolved. Hopefully it will be soon!!

  2. Yeah – that was an interesting game. And where the hey was the Pack offensive line? That’s how you end up using your backup QB by mid season.

    Funny how we complained about the refs and bad calls before and now are begging for them to come back!

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