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A Summer/Fall Wedding

Happy Monday everyone! You’ll have to bare with me because I have a LONG post coming at you!

It was a crazy week last week because one of my co-workers was getting married and I was juggling helping with that along with finishing up at Get in Shape (all done now, so sad), classes, and the usual jazz. I actually ended up taking Friday off because my to-do list was way too crazy.

I woke up at the usual 5:30am time and got dressed in my workout gear. After a quick cup of coffee and a kiss goodbye to Ben I was driving across town for my 7am Get in Shape. This class was a little different – instead of 4 longer sets with 15 second rests in between, we did 8 quicker sets with a smaller break. I think I liked the old way better since they have a recording telling you which set you are on. There’s no thinking. With the 8 sets, the instructor was timing on her phone and it wasn’t as easy to motivate myself to push through the final seconds of each set.

Sweaty and triumphant, I drove back home to shower and tried to tidy up the apartment because some potential renters wanted to look at it. Maintenance FINALLY replaced the bar in my closet the night before but there just wasn’t enough time for me to do more than load the dishwasher and make sure all my undies were out of sight.

From there I drove another 25min to the other side of Green Bay where the wedding & reception were taking place. I arrived right on time but the wedding party had gotten antsy and arrived earlier – so all the table decorations had already been completed. No need for me. I stuck around for a bit and then left to get my nails done.

It took 90 min to get my toes and fingers done – and the guy didn’t do a very good job. –sigh– But at that point I didn’t have time to have hi touch up or redo anything, so I left for the apartment once more. My stomach was in serious need of food. Should have had something more substantial than coffee for breakfast!

After inhaling some turkey and fruit I hopped back in the car and went to my hair-dresser’s.  Ironically, she’s just 2 miles from where I’d JUST been at the reception! I got a much needed trim and allowed her to douse me with a gallon of hairspray (it was windy and looking rainy outside). Wasn’t sure my hair would stand up to anything!

From there a trip to the store for a wedding card and frantic attempts to guard my hair from the vicious wind.

It knocked over these large potted plants just as I hopped into the car!

I drove home and got dressed, and then Ben arrived and we were ready to go! We took off again and arrived a bit before the guests were scheduled to arrive. Plenty of time to catch my breath!

So I went and found the bride and somehow ended up being the one to lace up her dress. Good thing I was there early. 🙂

And then we all peeked out of the windows watching the people as they arrived. I love this picture of the bride.

We had been worried for weeks about the weather being cold and rainy but it turned out almost perfect! The rain subsided during the ceremony (which took place on a golf course with people tee’ing off in front of us!) and it wasn’t too chilly being the last official day of Summer.


Ben actually loves to get dressed up. So he was one of the few people our age donning a suit and tie.

(ahem – do we recognize the red shirt??)

We had a cute table set up for the cake – along with some pictures taken from their bachelorette/bachelor party

The wedding party was all smiles

And we feasted on the traditional chicken dinner – which Ben declared fantastic!

Another obligatory couple shot

Bride and groom getting set for their first dance

They had a photo booth – which was a riot – I’ll have to post those pics when I get my copies.

After eating, dancing, and general wedding shenanigans, I was dead tired by 11pm. We left early (?) and headed for home. I was taking off my earrings at 11:45 when I noticed one of the diamon studs Ben got me for Christmas was gone. I started bawling my eyes out knowing we’d never find it at the reception hall. After 20 minutes or so of crying, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and found the other earring sitting there – I’d been in such a hurry I never even put it on! It was that kind of day. 🙂 But, it was worth it.

Congrats to my newly wed friends! May you two enjoy many, many wonderful years together!


4 Responses

  1. That is a great shot of you two! Congrats to the happy couple as well.

    Thank goodness you found your earring. All that crying for nothing, good thing. I hate crying because the next day my face is soooo puffy. Not a good crier.

  2. I just love weddings!
    You guys look great and your hair looks beautiful. The wind certainly didn’t get the better of it.

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