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The Light Show

Whoa baby, things are going to get pretty crazy around these parts soon!

Check out the Fall sunrises (Ok technically it’s still Summer but whatever)

One of the great advantages to having a co-worker who lives close and is getting married tomorrow is that she has an abundance of bachelorette party leftovers waiting for me. 🙂 It’s been great to dash over during lunch and get a plate of food.

Hot turkey sandwich, potato salad, fruit salad, pasta salad (lots of salad), veggies, and cheese.

I had a little time before class started last night and didn’t have to worry about getting dinner ready since we had leftovers from Ben’s low carb chicken parmesan creation. Still delicious even the second day!

I am officially calling the pepper plant a fantastic failure. I’m not sure if it was the extreme heat or maybe they don’t grow well in pots, but for whatever reason all the peppers it produced wrinkled and fell off well before they reached a useable size. At least I have the pot for trying something else next year. I’m still surprised the plant looks as good as it does. Now that the weather is getting into the 40s (even 30s!!) at night, I’ve stopped watering my plants.

There are still plenty of flowers blooming away though despite the overall browning.

And the petunia I trimmed back mid-season still looks ridiculously fantastic!

So now I have an interesting(??) story to share with you. Last night we got let out of class an unheard-of full HOUR early. It was glorious and probably will never happen again. Just as I pulled into the apartment garage, the light sprinkling of rain turned into a torrential downpour – the sky awashed with seemingly non-stop lightning (no thunder though). It was quite the show – I’ve never seen so much lightning before. My umbrellas? They were locked in Ben’s car. So I sat for a good 10 minutes watching the rain flood down faster and heavier before giving up and making a run for it. Have I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to the attached garage?? My shoes may never forgive me.

I got inside soaking wet and freezing to find Ben was doing mid-week laundry. Apparently he went out and got a new shirt to wear to the wedding and was washing it. This wasn’t alarming until I did my normal 20-questions and found out the shirt was a bright red.

Me: What did you wash with the shitr?

Ben: Just some socks and shirts and stuff

Me: Which socks and shirts and “stuff”?

Ben: …

So we walked on over to the laundry room where the washer had just finished and Ben proudly showed me his latest purchase.

And then I pulled his favorite shirt out of the wash. Now the flash really washed it out so you’ll have to take my word on just how lovely a shade of baby pink this is.

I’ve now changed my stance on asking that Ben chuck my clothes into the washer if there’s extra room on a load he’s doing. On the other side, I probably should just be greatful he does his own laundry at all, right?

To-do list tonight:

– Get in Shape session #9

– Buy wedding card

– Run white shirt through more loads of laundry with color-safe bleach

– Insane amounts of homework


One Response

  1. Bahaha on the pink shirt! I have done that before (hangs head in shame).

    John and I have always done separate laundry – even after almost 20 years together. Only very occasionally will we throw something in each other’s wash. It just works better that way for us.

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