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Computer Angst

You’ve all been there before and probably will be again. As useful and necessary as they are, we all love to hate computers. Nevermind all the things we couldn’t do if we didn’t have PCs (blog, for instance), if they are slow, if they are too fast, if they crash, etc, etc… it’s easy to get annoyed.

And that’s where I’ve been this week at work. We just got done moving from Lotus Notes to Outlook and I’m still all messed up because meetings you created in Lotus and cancel in Outlook apparently only remove from your calendar and not anyone elses. That’s made for some interesting phone calls as people call to find out why I’m not in a meeting. But this week we moved from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have 7 at home, so it’s not like I’m not used to it, but it’s all messed up here. First of all, none of my favorites copied over so all your wonderful blog addresses that I like to work through during lunch? All gone. All the recipes I’d accumulated since I started this job in 2009… you guessed it – gone. I’m pretty sad. So bare with me as I add everyone back in because I only have 30min lunch breaks!

As I dashed home last night, there was a note on my door that the landlady is already going to start bringing potential renters by my apartment – starting Friday morning (right when I’ll be scurrying around getting ready for my friend’s wedding). I told Ben NOT to clean because I don’t want to be the poster apartment that they use when showing all prospective renters the facilities. No thank you. Maybe if they fixed the clothes bar that I put the request in to fix back in July??!!

Dashing around I got a call that my friend Renee had to cancel on Total Body Fitness that night and could we raincheck and check it out together next week? You betcha. Whoo! An ENTIRE weeknight where I could sit inside and not race around, thank you very much.

Ben even came home and made me dinner: 🙂

After hearing me bemoan the loss of my recipes, Ben found a new low-carb one to try: chicken parmesan without the noodles.

It’s as simple as dunking chicken breasts in almond milk and then rolling in almond flour, cheese, and spices and then browning the sides

After it’s nice and brown, put into a glass dish, cover with tomato sauce and mozzarella and pop into a 350 degree oven until cheese is melted and chicken is cooked through – about 20 min.

Serve alongside your favorite veggie!

And smile because you didn’t have to make dinner!!!

Tonight it’s back to Finance class and Thursday will be session #9 at Get In Shape. Friday – well Friday’s going to be c r a z y so we’ll worry about that another day!



One Response

  1. Yummers! That chicken looks so good. I have to try that with my big bag o’ almond flour 😀

    I hate losing stuff on computers. I miss my mac a lot. I wish I didn’t have to work with a PC and all of its poopiness.

    Enjoy your evening!

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