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Crockpot time

I’m sitting in my apartment sipping my coffee and staring outside into the 5:50am darkness. It looks like it’s going to rain. In fact, yesterday the high was in the 80s and I think it’s supposed to be around 62 today? Big swing.

But that’s not what I’m thinking about right now. Please explain to me why the coffee at work tastes SO much better than anything I can brew here at home: both with the Keurig and using my coffee maker. I’ve vinegar-cleaned the coffee maker, scrubbing until it’s nice and shiny and new, and tried about 12 different Keurig coffee flavors. I even went to the store to get the same brand and flavor of coffee that I love at work. No dice. Theories? I am open to hearing them.

Now that I’m fully back in the swing of school, it’s getting pretty crazy around here. No leisurely lazing about in the evenings. Basically, if I’m not in class than I’m at Get in Shape working through my 10 session membership. All this means hardly and time home and LOTS of pre-planning.

Enter: my love, the crockpot

Now that it’s cooler I don’t mind leaving it on all day while we’re at work. I had Ben get started on trimming the fat off the meat and browning it.

I quickly peeled a few carrots before dashing out the door.

And then the next morning we just dumped the meat and carrots into the slow cooker and away we went!

I have a feeling this will happen many more times in the future. It makes tons so we have leftovers and the prep work is so minimal that it works well for my busy schedule. Any time we can cook once and have two dinners – I am a fan!

Of course, we needed a bit more carbs too – enter the ‘loupe. This one was really sweet – yummy!

Apparently Ben’s dept at work is having an off-site picnic in a hootenanny theme. Ben elected NOT to dress up as a redneck but apparently there are some group activities he’ll need to take part in… Should be interesting.

Oh yes – and just TWO weeks until closing on the new house! Can you tell someone is excited!?


One Response

  1. I might think it is your water giving it that taste. Try filling the machine with some bottle water and see if that helps.

    I have been pinning crockpot recipes – it’s that time of year!

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