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Ponderings, Yoga, and a Birthday

Before we do anything else, can I say thank you for all your votes and words of wise advice for me on the Dash? It helps so much!

Yesterday I tried out the first group fitness class at my new gym: Yoga. My ex co-worker and good friend Renee loves yoga and when she wasn’t finding one at her new gym (they just had the aerobic yoga classes) she switched to my gym to try it out. Luckily I could borrow her extra mat and see what I thought before having to invest in anything myself.

I drove over right after work and got signed up. The classroom was really cool and pretty dark with soothing music. I found the farthest back corner I could and set up there (tip: wear flip flops instead of shoes/socks so you can easily take them off when class begins – mental note for next time!).

The class was good. I can tell there are things I can’t do well yet which tells me there is much room for improvement. The only really negative thing was that the planks and downward dogs placed a lot of pressure on my wrists and they’ve been sore lately from the upper body exercises I’ve been doing. Had to modify and eventually stop those because it hurt too much.

After a quick shower & clothes change, I swung over to the apt to pick up Ben and we went to my parents’ house for Alex’s birthday party.

The happy birthday boy – 22 years old already!

Mom made what is the now-typical birthday cake in our house – the vanilla/chocolate layer cake with chocolate pudding frosting.

Alternating flavor layers are more fun I think.

Would you believe I passed on cake? Let me tell you, it was hard because I could smell the chocolate in the air. ohmygawd! But with my August exercising and another weight gain (small, but still), I’ve made zero weight loss progress this year and I’m more than itching to get at least the steriod weight gain off. That means no cake and a sad Ali.

The birthday boy was a happy guy though – here he is with his girlfriend:

We bought him some running socks and one of the pedometers I bought for the August challenge. He’s worn a pedometer for years and I think he’ll love this fancy new one!

Happy Birthday Alex!

(In other news, Alex IS running the Dash tomorrow – should be cold and windy at guntime – and I’m leaning towards just doing it.)


3 Responses

  1. Gahhh!!! That cake looks amazing!

    What is the button that Alex is wearing?

    • The place he works at gives employees glowy birthday buttons if they are working on their birthday. Looks exactly like the glow button you’d get at a bar – but it says “Happy Birthday” from the grocery store he works at instead.

  2. Happy Birthday, Alex! I love that you combined flavors in the cake…looks good!

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