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Back to School

It’s that time of year again folks!

Summer is (for me) officially behind when school kicks off. Tonight I’m back in class – this time taking a Finance class on Wednesdays and a Procurement & Contract MGMT class on Mondays. Sound like fun?

I’m going to learn all about standard deviations, diversifiable vs market risk events, basic foods calculation (which, sadly, has nothing to do with actual food), and statistical variances. My mind is already swimming and I’ve only read the first chapter.

August wrapped up pretty nicely though. I surpassed my goals for the 100 mile challenge and tacked on severe mileage towards both my biking and walking yearly goals. But September is a different beast. While August was all about the steps and the exercise, September is all about prioritization and fitting everything in. It’s about juggling.

What’s Shaking in September?

1. Back to School. Two semesters down, 4 more to go!

2. Co-worker’s bachelorette party and wedding! Would you believe it’s the first wedding I’ve been to since my grandma re-married when I was in 2nd grade?

3. Fitness classes. My goal is to try two of the fitness classes at my gym this month. Eventually I want to try them all to see what I end up liking but for this month, I’ll shoot for two.

4. Finish up my 10 sessions at Get in Shape. Iwent last night for upper body and it was a great workout. Wish a closer & cheaper option was around!

5. Something fun – a trip back to the corn maze. We went last year and it was a great time. We’re hoping to find a free Saturday to drive back and try it again!

6. Close on the new house! Sooooooo excited and now we’re just 22 days away from closing!

7. Diet changes. We all know it, it’s a process to find what works for you. I’ve been scouring over the meal plans they gave me at Get in Shape and Ben and I are totally re-working our diets this month. We decided to try one month and see how it goes. Here’s the basic components:

– Up the protein, decrease the carbs

– Stay in calorie ranges

– Eat every 3-4 hours

We put our meal plans together and our nights have been spent measuring and packaging up all the eats for the day.

It’s taking a lot of time right now because we have different meaurements for each of us and are weighing everything to be really accurate in the beginning. It’s amazing how eyeballing usually ends up being much more than you think!

It’s not that we ate so badly, it’s just we ate as much as we wanted and the carbs were out of control. One of the things we did over the weekend was to cook a turkey breast.

I made some carrots cooked in coconut oil and a little brown sugar

And served alongside our staple broccoli.

Aside from the obvious brown sugar, it’s not a bad dinner. We’ve got protein, carb, and fat. On second glance maybe my plate was a little light on the meat but overall not terrible. So we’re working on tweaking for the month and see if either of us has any positive scale improvement.

I’ve been discouraged because I actually ended up gaining 2 pounds during the 100 mile challenge in August. Really? So a little change might be what we need.

Lots going on, lots to juggle, feeling a bit overwhelmed when I look at the month on a whole, but I’ll just take it one day at a time.


2 Responses

  1. Wahooo…time to get the classes underway! That dinner looks pretty tasty! I find it so much easier to make my meals the night before…saves time in the morning!

  2. It really is easy to overeat. I have to weigh stuff still because my eyes are very big LOL!

    Good job with the planning out meals and snacks. That will help so much. I need to do that more, even though working at home should make it easy – doesn’t seem to be.

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