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The Final 33 Miles

Where, oh where, to begin?

My mind is filled with soooo much stuff right now – lots and lots going on this week. First off, the past weekend was awesome. Anytime you get a 3 day weekend is soooooooo totally wonderful. It is. Now I’m stuck in that weird place where I think it’s Monday but it’s actually Tuesday and I feel behind. That and I forgot we could wear jeans today so I’m the only one in slacks. And I’m rambling.

But enough of that.

This weekend was all about the steps. I blew past the 100 miles but had a tall order for the final week. After Thursday I had 3 days to cover 34 miles. Ugh! Here’s how it went down…


After work I went home, grabbed some quick eats, and headed to the Get in Shape place for workout #3. I love it there – if only it were closer, cheaper, and had more times available for workouts. Sadly, once my 10 sessions are up, I’ll be done with that place. I was on “lower” that day – so more squats, lunges, leg press machines, etc… My right leg has been bugging me quite a bit and I had some significant pain while doing some of the exercises and had to ease back on the weight. I noticed some errant twinges yesterday too as I was walking around – maybe a bit of overuse?


Saturday I made Ben and me some big bowls of oatmeal. I was about out of steel cut oats so these were a combo of oat and regular rolled, topped with coconut butter, white chocolate wonderful peanut butter, and mini chips.

I waited a bit too long hoping the wind would die down before hopping on the bike. It was trecherous. I’ve always known Green Bay is fairly windy but I haven’t seemed to catch a break much. The weather channel said the wind was 18mph with gusts up to 26. Doesn’t seem like a lot but oh. my. gawd. I was literally DYING.

First stop was just 3 miles out. Stretched the legs, wiggled my shoulders and arms, and snapped some pics:

I love when I pass by fruit trees – the apple smell is prevalent and soooo sweet!

I was pushing it fairly hard until I looked at my Garmin and saw my speed was 12.6 – normally I average high 11’s amd am faster coming home since it’s downhill, so I knew something wasn’t right. The wind was really helping me along. Made for stability issues because it was pushing from the side, but when I made the turnaround to head home…. even downhill there were a few times I didn’t think I’d make it and would have to resort to calling Ben for a pick up. 🙂

I tried another stop to rest for a bit and admire the scenery…

I also tried to coast a bit to conserve energy but the wind slowed me down so much it took even more effort to get pedaling if I stopped, so I tucked my head down and concentrated on ticking the miles off one by one until I got home.

Drained, I covered 12.4 miles in 1hr 4min. Average speed of 12mph – top speed of 15.5.

Tried refueling with some coconut water. I’ve bought a TON of different coconut water brands but for some reason am nervous to try any. This was a grape berry and while it wasn’t terrible, I don’t think I’d buy it again.


The last day to record steps and I had it figured out exactly how many miles I needed to do on the bike. The problem was, it was still windy. Not gusting but still pretty decent wind. Ugh. To be honest, I didn’t want to go at all. I was tired and felt like sitting in front of the TV with a movie. But the whole point of the challenge was to challenge myself, hit a big goal and then DO IT. Not wimp out, not to make excuses, but to show that I could put forth day after day of solid effort and have some awesome results in the end. So I went.

I picked a different route – straight down the busy road I tend to avoid. It cleared up about a mile down the road (which I was counting on) and then it actually wasn’t so bad. The wind helped get me off to a brisk pace and I trekked down and down…

It was much sunnier and without any trees for shade and I felt really warm. I didn’t stop for any more breaks – wanting to buckle down and get the ride done. I had been hoping for 15 miles but fell short.

Ride stats:

Distance: 12.2 miles

Time: 58:44

Average Speed: 12.4 (fastest yet!!)

Fastest Speed: 17.1

Calories Burned: 729

I was about 4000 steps short of my goal so that evening I trekked back and forth in my apartment and then – at 9:54pm – sweaty but victorious I reached 200 miles for the 28 day challenge!

Exhausted but victorious! When I started the challenge I wasn’t sure I’d get the full 100 miles in. To double that goal and hit 200 is amazing to me. Lots of lunchtime walks, long loops to the bathroom at work, and multiple evening walks and bike rides.

H U R R A Y!!


4 Responses

  1. That so awesome that you reached your goal! YAY! And I know what you mean about riding in the wind…it can be brutal!

  2. Bravo!!!

  3. Good for you . Way to go for the goal!
    Does coconut butter have any taste? What does it do for oats? I’ve never tried it.

    • It does have a taste – not super sweet but the more interesting thing is the texture – it melts on the tongue very quickly. I like to put coconut milk in the oats when they just finish cooking – it’s a subtle flavor that way – the butter on top is more pronounced but it’s a fun change of pace.

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