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Heading Into a Long Weekend

I love long weekends, don’t you? I vote we get a 3 day weekend every month. Who’s with me?

I drove to the airport last night and picked Ben up. It’s nice to have him home since I haven’t seen him since Sunday! He’s pretty wiped out though. I told him he shouldn’t have gone to so many late night vendor parties. Supposedly he took some pictures that I’ll look over this weekend to see if any would be fun for the blog. I’ve never been to California – sooo jealous of his trip!

This morning I was walking into work and heard a bunch of sirens and yelling.

Plenty of fire engines but no actual flames that I could see. It’s hard to see from the pictures, but all that “smoke” actually looked more like steam. I’ll have to drive by on my way home from work and see what it looks like. Despite only being a field away with little wind, I couldn’t smell any smoke, so guess that’s a good sign.

I met with the nutritionist for my first consult at the Get in Shape fitness place. They gave me a basic diet plan based on their exercise program. It seems reasonable so I think I’ll give it a try. The first thing I did was log a “typical” day of food eats online to see how close I was to their basic guidelines:

Calories: 1300-1600

Protein: 100-130g

Carbs: 100g

Fat: 50g

Etc, etc…


Just by looking at those few numbers I knew I was likely high on carbs from all the fruit I eat and low on the protein. Here’s how my typical day looks: (Keep in mind the “ranges” you see here are based on the SparkPeople plan – so it’s a bit different from what the fitness place had for me.)

So I’m good on calories, over on carbs, right on with fat and OK with protein. Not bad!

Then I made a few adjustments to see what it would look like if I went with some of their meal plan swap suggestions:

Couple interesting things. I cut out the ‘mac and cheese’ Ben and I often make which has lots of carbs and cut back a bit on the fruit. My calories now are too low. I wouldn’t be concerned if I were 50lbs lighter trying to lose 5 vanity pouds, but with the extra exercising I know this is too low. The carbs are much better but the fat jumped way up. I’ll need to re-evaluate to make sure if it is high that it’s healthy fats. The protein jumped up a trivial amount.

Once I find a day that keeps me full and fueled all day and aligns with all the numbers, I’ll post it. I’m still tweaking to figure out what will work.

All I know is my organic mac and cheese with ground turkey and broccoli days are going to be limited in the near future. Pity, cause it’s soooo good. 🙂

Not to mention I had just discovered the gluten-free rice kind!

But I knew I needed to make some changes. With the 100 mile challenge and all the extra exercising, my weight hasn’t budged. In fact, it went up about 4 pounds then slowly trickled down and has been bouncing back and forth with the same pound for the past week. Argh.

As for my 100 mile progress – I am at 167 miles with THREE days to go! I think I should be able to hit 200 by the end. This would be my most aggressive week of them all (65 miles) but if I can get in a few long bike rides, I shouldn’t have a problem making that goal. I’m so proud of myself too and I’ve talked with several other people who are doing the challenge too. People are taking the long way to get water or use the restrooms and it feels great to know I totally went for it!

Looking forward to a short work day then back for a lower body workout at Get In Shape, home to shower, and then I get to go with a co-worker to help with her final wedding dress fitting. So much fun!

Have a wonderful Friday!!


5 Responses

  1. It’s okay to eat more healthy fat, really. It will keep you fuller. When you reduce carbs, you have to eat more fat to get the calories up unless you want to eat chicken breast all day LOL! You can try supplementing a protein shake as a snack as well to help there. I loves my protein and fat.

    I find I generally like to stay around 150 for carbs. That keeps me happy with enough fruit and other starches in my diet.

  2. Hey there! Sounds like your exercise is going awesome!! I know its frustrating not losing weight when you are doing everything right. I’m sure if you play around you will find the right balance. Personally, I can’t eat a lot of carbs. I’ve found that I have to eat low carb or I don’t lose even with all the exercising. But everyone is different and sometimes your body just needs time to readjust!

    • Hi Holly! I really think the carbs are my downfall – that and not eating often enough. I’m thinking it will take a while to adjust the numbers and find what works for me but it’s good to have a plan rather than floundering wondering why what you’re doing isn’t working right?

  3. Just found your blog and I love it! I’m trying to cut back on sugar and retrain my taste buds. I’m definitely addicted to it!

    • So glad you found me, welcome!!! 🙂 It definitely takes a while and I’m trying very hard myself. But there’s been some good swaps and I’m really cutting back a lot more than I once was, so that’s progress!

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