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Pumping it Up

It’s THURSDAY! I really like Thursdays. So much weekend potential up ahead. Is it really, really messed up that I love Thursdays (when I am working) more than Sundays when I don’t?

Last night I was in for the 2nd of 10 sessions at the Get in Shape place. Now that I know the drill, it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as the first time. For instance, I know to bring headphones so I can actually listen to the show on the mini TV while I’m doing my cardio portion (each person gets their own TV). Plus I’ve learned that you’re supposed to state if you’re an “upper” or a “lower” each time – meaning you’re an “upper” if your last workout was lower body. Good thing too because I was worried about another lower body workout. Would you believe I’m still sore from Monday? What a wimp!!

Here’s a look at the outside of the fitness center:

Just a small building, nothing fancy – which also means 8 people exercising per 30 minutes max. And they are all women 🙂

It was a different trainer this time, Tyler, and he had me to the following exercises:

– Lat pulldown (8 counts each way, very slow and controlled = killer!)

– 12lb dumbbell bicep curls (8 count)

– Tricep pulldowns on cable cross machine (8 count)

– Planks

– Seated chest press

– Rear delt flies

– Medicine ball crunches (lie flat on back, legs in air, lift up touching ball to toes)

I’m not really sore so maybe I should have pushed a bit harder. I think I was gunshy by how sore the lower workout made me. 🙂 I need to get a feel for what is enough without being too much.

After the weight stuff I moved to 30 minutes on the treadmill. Level 1 incline (wimp), 3 minutes at 3.7mph, 1 minute at 4.5mph, and a 30 second recovery. Repeat.

I sat in the car chugging water feeling pretty good about how it’s all going so far. Next session is on Friday. Oh, I’ve also discovered a great way to hold my water bottle so it doesn’t slosh around in my front seat while I drive:

When I got home I hopped on the bike for 4 miles. It was windy and I was tired and didn’t think I’d even manage 3 miles but I cranked out a full 4 and then drove my sweaty mess over to Mom & Dad’s for dinner.

Hot chicken salad and veggies

Great crunch with the celery, organic potato chips on top, yummy stuff. It’s not something we usually have (can’t even remember the last time mom made it)

But it’s one of those recipes that screams “Summer” to me.

Tonight I’m taking it low-key. No biking (it’s 94 degrees with 22mph winds, crazy I am not!) but may do some Dance Dance revolution. Only a few more days until the 100 mile challenge ends and need to post some big numbers these next few days!


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  1. I think Sunday nights have that kind of “Sunday night blues” to them knowing you have a whole work week to get through. Nice job on the weights workout!

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