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Behind Before I Begin

What a week! I’m not sure what the cause is but I feel a little bit like a chicken with its head cut off running all around. In short, I’m a little behind and a lot late on my blogging!

I checked out the Groupon fitness place on Monday. You walk in and they have a personal trainer who walks groups of 4 people through various exercises for 25min. (I’ll get more into that inย a second) After you are done with the instructor-led stuff, you move onto one of the treadmills or ellipticals and cruise along for 30 minutes.

There are timers above the ellipticals that count down. For day one they had me do the three minute count on a level 5 and then they do a 1 minute energy boot where you go up to a level 10 and push as hard as you can for a minute. There’s a 30 second recovery and then you begin the cycle again.

For my first day of exercising they had us do a “Low and Slow” workout – lower body with heavier weights. Each activity was done for 4 sets with brief resting periods in between. Here’s my rundown:

– Leg Press Machine Squats

– Forward lunges with 15lb weight extended over head

– Reclining abdominal crunches (I was supposed to do actual sit-ups but I am too weak!!)

– Banded leg abductions (lie down, feet in the air, band around your ankles, and push legs apart)

– Heel raises on leg press machine

– “Wallies” (sit with your back against a wall – although there’s no chair – while holding a 15lb medicine ball)

– Standing side leg lights

In short, I’m still sore. I noticed it the most on the front of my thighs and my tush. I’m going back today and am hoping there will be upper body stuff to give me legs a break!

With Ben in California this week for work, it’s just been me waltzing around the apartment. It’s quiet but at least I always get to watch what I want on TV. ๐Ÿ™‚ Last night I went for an easy bike ride – amazingly it felt really good on my aching legs. I did get a tiny twinge of finger pain/tingling but not the numbness I had the other day. Hopefully that won’t be a recurring event!

I was smart this time – I put on my sunglasses even though it was getting dark out. They keep the little gnats out of my eyes!!

There’s birds and geese everywhere these days. Lots of migration as they work their way back South.

The goldenrod is in full bloom. My grandmother used to say that goldenrod was “the gray hairs of Summer” So true, and I always feel a little twinge when I see it because I know it means Summer is quickly wrapping up!


There’s not a lot of options for getting in decent mileage unless I trek across some busy streets. Since I’m concerned about the lack of light, I try to avoid that and loop around and around and around the neighborhood streets. I probably drive the people nuts as I loop by over and over. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did make a wide loop last night and ended up hiking up a high part of the road. Sucks going up but the nice thing is the coasting on the way down!

Halfway up:

Normally I don’t take pictures on rides because I don’t like stopping, but I figured you guys deserved some road shots! This road definitely isn’t anywhere as steep as the hills by my parent’s house I used to bike on but with my sore legs, they are about all I can take.

Finished up just before it got too dark.

6 miles in the bag.

Wish my legs luck tonight!


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