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Single Lady

Well here we are, Mondays always seem super anxious to arrive, don’t you think?

Lots of stuff to report on today!

100 Mile Challenge:

I turned in numbers this morning that were far less than the previous two weeks. Still – I am over the 100 miles. Somehow (unrealistically?) I thought maybe I could hit 200 miles. I could – if I clocked over 10 miles a DAY the rest of the week. Not Likely

The House:

It’s August 27th today and we close on Sept 27th. Excited!


School starts next week. Not excited!

The Weekend:

I spent Saturday making scrambled eggs and then hopping in the car to drive over to Wausau. I stopped in to see Dan and Xav for a few hours.

Xavier loves to have pictures taken but likes them to all be silly shots!

Sunshine-y day!

After our visit I went over to Hudson’s to meet my friend Jeff for lunch. We’re 4 hours away so we try and meet in the middle a couple times a year.

Jeff is really into cars so this is right up his alley (no pun intended). Since it was just a gorgeous day, he brought his baby along:

Hudson’s was cute. Lots of fun things to look at. We used to have one in GB but it didn’t stay open for very long. Not sure why – maybe cause I never went there?

Jeff’s big into onion rings and always orders them when we get together.

I stuck with a cheeseburger and fries. Oh fries, how I love you!

We drove around Wausau and caught up on each other’s news. I think Wausau is such a cute town. Large enough for a wide variety of interesting places and shops but it still has the small-town feel that I really enjoy.

The drive home was uneventful except that I should have brought a snack along with me (or some caffiene – I was d r a g g i n g). I saw some pretty Fall colors – I bet in another couple weeks it would be an amazing drive!

I came home to find some pretty flowers waiting for me. 🙂 Ben tends to get me flowers to keep me company when he’s out of town for an extended period.

Then we took off to Appleton to grab dinner. Ben picked the Good Company so we could walk to his favorite bar afterwards for a quick drink.

We waited quite a while for our salads and when they came out they were pretty skimpy. Hard to tell from the picture but you could see down to the plate through the salad pieces.

Then… not 2 minutes after getting our salads (I was still sprinkling on the dressing) our entrees arrived.

Ben got the spicy cajun chicken fettucini pasta

And I got the tenderloin with sour cream mashed potatoes. The potatoes were amazing. The steak was beyond well-done. I usually never have a problem with it being too cooked so this was a first for me. Kinda dry too.

We spied no less than SIX bachelorette parties going on at the restaurant. How crazy is that!? September must be the new go-to month for weddings if you’re not booking in June?

Ben’s favorite bar has awesome decor – it’s Christmas year-round!

Large, small- the ceilings and walls are just littered with lights and ornaments.

We got home a bit late and crashed. Sunday was bittersweet because we spent it hunting through the storage unit for Ben’s suitcase (which we never found) and packing Ben up for his trip. I dropped him off at the airport at 4pm and then was a single lady after that. It had been storming all day off and on and I risked a quick bike ride in between the rain drops. The weather was great though – I just missed the storms – but noticed the fingers on my right hand were tingling and feeling numb (huh?) and decided that wasn’t good so I turned around and called it a day after 6 miles.

Slower stats due to winding through neighborhoods:

Tonight I’m off to try my first group fitness session. Excited and nervous – look forward to telling you all about it tomorrow!





3 Responses

  1. Flowers – how sweet! That looks like a fun place with all the Christmasy stuff.

    Your hand numbness was just a pressure point issue. They call it handlebar paralysis and you just were holding the handlebars either too long or too tight (or both) without relaxing your grip. I get that, too, on occasion. No biggie.

    • That is really good info to know. I had been freaking out a little bit (especially since it happened only a few miles into the ride!) but good to know it may just be something to watch my grip and shake the hands out every now and then!

  2. Hope the session went well!! Those flowers are so pretty and colorful 🙂

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