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90s? Really?

(Whoops – this post is a bit late today. I set the publish time incorrectly. Darn army time. 😉 )

I won’t lie; I’m getting really used to this 75 degree weather thing we’ve got going on. It could stick around all year if it were up to me cause it’s beyond awesome. I love the crisp mornings – *almost* cold enough to warrant a sweatshirt – and the afternoons and evenings are warm but not hot. It’s perfect.

Today it’s looking a touch overcast and the weather is predicting some sporadic showers and temps inching towards the high 80s. Tomorrow? We’re back in the 90s. C R A Z Y

Nothing like storm clouds moving in and high temps. Can we say humid?

On a more fun note, the trees are changing color. I LOVE Fall colors! I keep driving by the new house hoping some of the trees will have pretty Fall colors but so far, no dice.

But there’s some cute ones on the little walking path at work that will look awesome in a few weeks. You can just see the red popping out of the top branches.

This week I’ve been majorly slacking on the mileage. With my bike out of commision for a few days to fix the bike seat and my schedule being a bit more crazy, I haven’t been cranking out any kind of decent step count. Tonight I’m heading to the gym – apparently all members get a free personal training session the month of their birthday. Awesome! I am having a bit of knee pain this morning so I’m going to see what kinds of exercises they recommend that are easier on the knees (no squats or lunges tonight, thank you!).

Last night I met up with my friend Renee for dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. Is it weird that we went to a steakhouse and ordered chicken? It’s really good chicken 🙂

Started the meal off with salads. I’m usually not a crouton fan but these were not super hard like most, they were light and crispy.

The main course: parmesan crusted chicken. To die for!

and my chosen side was the sweet potato with cinnamon and butter

Mmmm a wonderful meal and leftovers for lunch today!

After dinner we drove over to my new gym and Renee joined too! We’ve been pouring over the fitness class schedule and are hoping to be able to sync up our schedules a couple times a week and do some classes together. I’m chicken to go alone and am so excited to have company. Hurray!

I’ll let you all know how the personal training goes tonight. Hopefully it won’t take 4 days for my body to stop aching the way it did last time. 😉


5 Responses

  1. Yay for taking classes with a partner! That’s fun. My gym doesn’t offer any classes.

    There is one tree around here that has started to change. So early! I love fall, but it is also a bit sad because that means winter and all its snow is around the corner.

  2. I have not noticed any of our trees changing yet, but thankfully this week has not been in the high 90’s-100’s like the last few weeks. I need to go get me some sweet potatoes at the store. They sound so good after seeing your pic.

  3. Mmm parmesan crusted chicken is so yummy!

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