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Jelly Legs

Welcome back to another Monday folks! Hope the weekend treated you well.

I’ve never really been a Monday fan – I’m partial to the end of the week and the promise of a long weekend. In fact, I’ve always loved Thursdays. Same time in the office as a Monday, but I get excited knowing that the weekend is almost there.

Despite rolling into a birthday weekend, I didn’t exactly party it up (you’re not really surprised, are you?). I’ve been feeling really taxed and drained from all the walking and biking I’ve been doing for the 100 mile work challenge. In fact, I’ve been exhausted this entire past week. My legs are feeling like jelly.

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is to take short 5 minute breaks during work to walk outside. It helps break up the day, it helps add some steps without breaking a sweat, and those steps mean I don’t need crazy long walks in the evening.

I’m fortunate that there’s a decent walking path that wraps around the building at work:


Friday and Saturday night we spent with my co-worker and her fiance. We played some hilarious karaoke, fooled around with their drum set, watched a zombie TV show on Netflix, and then general shenanigans occured.

Saturday night Ben took me out for my birthday dinner. We’d thought about doing another trip to Madison like we did for my birthday last year, but then just decided to do dinner and veg about at home.

We went to a place called Chives – located in an old renovated farmhouse

They started us out with warm bread and chive butter

I got a mixed green salad with yellow tomatoes, carrots, and onion that was richly dressed in a vinagrette. A little too dressed so I didn’t eat too much

The star of the show was the filet topped with gorgonzola butter and a port wine reduction


And after our lovely eats we strolled back to the apartment and tried to re-create my favorite picture of the year:

Ben and Me on my birthday:

Ben and Me on Ben’s birthday:

The new one was a tad too sunny and we had to squint! Still fun though.

I’m plowing through this 100 mile challenge but I’m not loosing any weight! Argh! I think I need to up the protein a bit more so I’ll try that this week and let you all know how that goes.

Happy Monday


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  1. I’ve heard that Chives is wonderful! Can’t wait to try it out when I’m back in Green Bay…

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