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You Like Chocolate?

OK, it really should come as no surprise to me that any post featuring a chocolate recipe would get a lot of attention. For anyone who needs some chocolate Internet love, you can see yesterday’s post for cheesecake bars.

Today is a sad day because we’re half way through August. I knew once the weather got a bit nicer the days were going to F L Y by and I was right. Every year you here people say it and every year I’m still amazed by how fast the summers go. Well… time goes by fast though. Heck, I’ll be 31 in a couple days and the thought of being alive 31 years?! Yup, it goes by fast!

I think that’s probably why I’m so excited about the timing of this 100 miles in August challenge. It’s really forcing me to be active, get outside, and enjoy the few weeks I have left. Let’s face it, exactly THREE weeks from today I’ll be back in school for two nights a week. But that’s in three weeks, might as well enjoy what I have now.

I’d been using a really basic pedometer for tallying my daily steps. The Pro-Form pedometers you can get at Wal-Mart for $5. They aren’t too bad – they worked great on walks and were pretty accurate step-wise with my Garmin. The downside is that if you’re wearing something with a more snug waistband or have a tighter shirt you are leaving un-tucked, that can mess with the step count. I was finding myself having to hold the pedometer my by hip as I walked some days in order to get any steps to register.

After reading and researching online, I decided to upgrade to a pedometer that would register either clipped or inside my pocket. I ordered the Omron from Amazon ($20) and it arrived on Monday. So far, I love it. I can tuck it inside my pocket at the beginning of the day and just forget about it. Plus, it has built-in memory for your last 7 days of data and displays what time it is.

I do find myself pulling it out of my pocket about 50 times each day to see how I’m doing on my steps. Yesterday I went for a walk during lunch and by the time I was done for the day I wsa already over 7,000 steps. But then Ben and I sat and watched a movie in the evening so I finished just over 10,000 steps. Funny how I feel this itch to keep moving right now. I want to get as many steps in as I can!

Ben and I are still working on tweaking our meal planning. With us both working out more, we need to pay more attention to carbs and proteins but we’re also really trying to get in lots of fruits and veggies. I think we’re doing better than we’ve ever done but there’s always more to learn and room for improvement.

Snacks this week have been cut up fruit, gluten-free white cheddar puffs, and strawberry Zevia. Ben’s not a fan of the strawberry and I like other flavors better too, so we probably wouldn’t buy that flavor again.

And for dinners we’re trying to have a few meals each week where we are upping the fruits and veggies and eliminating the starchy carbs – essentially swapping out the pastas, potatoes, or rices. It takes a little more planning (and will take even more once school starts up again) but I think it’s important.

Plus we’re also rummaging through the cupboards to try and use up food in there so there’s less to move. Case in point: last night’s dinner utilized garlic parmesan risotto. We picked it up at the health foods store a few months ago and Ben said it was time to try it. We’ve never made risotto before but it turned out really well – very flavorful but perhaps a tad salty. We don’t use too much salt anymore and really notice it in boxed foods (which we try to avoid).

Alongside the risotto was half a bag of mixed veggies and chicken tenders that I pan-cooked in some grapeseed oil with rosemary and assorted spices. Very good!

This past week an all-too-familiar scene has been for Ben and me to eat dinner together while watching some TV episode on Netflix and then I’ll take of walking or biking and he’ll catch up on whatever Internet stuff is going on. Since Ben exercises during the lunch hour at the gym, he gets his whole evening free. No fair!

I also got all the paperwork in the mail yesterday for scheduling my move-out day. Sheesh – they like to schedule early because it feels like Oct 31st is still a ways away!


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