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Cheesecake Brownies

I almost didn’t know what to do with myself last night – there were no Olympics on to watch! I’ll admit I’d gotten to really enjoy walking back and forth across the living room while watching whatever sports were featured on a given evening. But now it’s all over and it’s back to reality.

Yesterday I teased you with a picture of these chocolate cheesecake bars I made as my contribution to Friday night’s feast. I remember making these for the first time as a teenager – the recipe was in an old cookbook my mother had. Now the recipe – word for word – is popping up all over the place. Goes to show even cookbook recipes are fair game for copying. After all, good recipes are meant to be shared, right?


Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

(Recipe can be found at Taste of Home)

As a kid, I always thought this recipe was fun because it involved chocolate squares instead of cocoa. Although I often did conversions and would use butter and cocoa to replace squares if we didn’t have any in the house.

Melt the chocolate sauce for the brownie base

Stir until nice and melted, set aside to cool while you whip together the dry ingredients

I tend to mix the dry ingredients and then add all the wet ingredients at once and combine together. I find that mixing in small batches actually requires more mixing overall and a more doughy consistency.

Mmmmm chocolate batter!

Spread the chocolate layer on a greased pan and then top with the cream cheese layer. If you are going for the marbled look, then make sure not to put the cream cheese close to the end. That way you can use the knife to draw the chocolate into the cream cheese and make the marbled effect more easily. I wasn’t going for much of a marbled look but I did swirl a few times.

Mini chocolate chips add the finishing touch!

All baked and ready to cool:

Sliced up and ready to take to dinner!

These are more of a cross between a cake and a brownie – a crownie? They have a cakier texture and I bet if you wanted to, you could make a 13×9 batch of brownies and then add the same cream cheese mixture to the top and end up with a fudgier brownie.

I hopped outside for a quick 4 mile bike ride before the rain hit. As much as I’m pushing myself to get awesome numbers when this monthly challenge is over – I’m finding out there’s lots of people who habitually log 200 miles in a month! So now I have to decide if it’s physically possible for my noodle legs to kick it up another notch. Not sure…


13 Responses

  1. these crownies look yummy!

  2. These look really good!
    Question: Do you think I could make these even if I’m handicapped at making cheesecake? 🙂
    (read about my cheesecake disaster if you don’t believe me! http://recipeshappen.com/2012/07/04/the-long-awaited-cheesecake-disaster-involving-the-smoke-alarm/)


    • Bonnie – I’ve had smoke alarm issues making oatmeal on the stove – it happens to every cook out there but don’t let it stop you. First off, regular cheesecake is quite difficult to make – you have to deal with water baths and make sure there’s limited cracks, etc, etc… These are super easy simply because you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff.

      My recommendation would be (depending on your cooking level) to scrap the brownie part of this recipe and try either your favorite standby brownie recipe or to use a boxed recipe. Then just pour the cheesecake layer on top, swirl with a knife, sprinkle with the chips, and pop into the oven. I found the hardest part of the recipe was just melting down the chocolate in the beginning but if that doesn’t daunt you – go for it. PLEASE let me know how it goes! Good luck!

      • okie dokie.
        I think perhaps I could make this recipe (when we use up the dessert I have on hand currently!) with minimal difficulty… but time will tell. 🙂
        I have made some pretty complicated/crazy stuff, but anything with the word cheesecake in it is pretty daunting to me. 🙂

      • You can do it. I have complete faith in you!

  3. Reblogged this on Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen and commented:
    Do these brownies not look spectacular? Thanks to Ali’s Kitchen for sharing these delicious looking treats.

  4. against my better judgement, i read this post. now i’m craving sweets like none other – they look so good!!!

  5. Yummers!! I would just eat that batter by itself 😀

    Don’t push the miles too hard. You need to recuperate while you are building strength. 200+ mile months will be in your future when you build up to them!

  6. […] August I saw this great looking recipe and knew I wanted to make it for a special occasion. I finally got around to making these […]

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