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To Market, To Market

Thank goodness the weekend is just around the corner. This chick is T I R E D.

I have a nasty habit of staying up too late watching the Olympics combined with all the extra walking I’m trying to get in for this 100 mile challenge at work. I’m not sure how I’m going to track this mileage against my yearly mileage goal. I’ve been only tracking straight, concerted walking or jogging time for the yearly tracking – so I think what I’ll do is take my final 100 mile number and apply 1/3 of that mileage to the goal. That should weed out all the little extra walking here and there I’m doing now to rack up my steps. Last night I spent an hour playing Dance Dance Revolution and followed it up with walking laps back and forth my apartment while Ben watched the beach volleyball final.

This morning my back is sore (I have a weak back – I blame sitting in a chair for 9.5 hours a day), my feet are sore, and I have a blister on the outside arch of one foot. I’m a bit of a mess but I’m determined! Might be a good day to try biking tonight – weather dependent – to give my feet a little rest. They aren’t used to all this activity.

I’m always a wee bit jealous when bloggers post pictures of the vast and fabulous farmer’s markets in their towns. Most of ours take place in the early weekday mornings and I can never make them, but I managed to stop over with Ben when it first opened to check out the local produce.

Since it’s so small I felt weird taking lots of pictures. Didn’t want to creep people out!!

It didn’t take long to do a first glance through the market and then go back to make final selections. We found good deals too: I bought 5 zucchini for $1

One pound of green beans – also $1

The largest green onions I’ve ever seen – $1

And Ben bought me a bouquet of flowers. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

Oh yes, and I caved and bought 5 peaches – $3.00

We stopped over to see the family because my nephew Xavier was up visiting while my brother is at a conference.

I tried to get some cute pictures, but he’s in the stinker phase.

Boys will be boys?

Well I’m off for work – it’s raining outside so no lunchtime strolling today. I’ll have to pace the hallways at work. ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 Responses

  1. Our local farmer’s market is small like yours and I feel like a creeper when I take pictures LOL!

    Strength training will help out your back. Doing a lot of core work and back exercises really helps (speaking from herniated disk perspective here).

  2. I’m pretty much over the Olympics now. Beach Volleyball last night was about the last thing I really cared to watch. I don’t know why… I just can’t seem to get into the Track & Field events.
    But that doesn’t really matter tonight, since the Packers pre-season game is on!
    I’ve always wanted to go to the Farmers Market – but usually don’t get up earlier enough (on the weekend) to go. And I can’t go on Wednesday’s since Chris takes the car to work. Oh how I can’t wait to have two working cars again!
    Looks like you got a bunch of good stuff though! And the flowers are gorgeous!

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