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Ole! 100 Miles

The best thing about a Tuesday is that it’s not Monday anymore right?? Well, that’s what I think anyway. I was up trying to watch the gymnastics last night but by the time they finished the women’s uneven bars and moved back to track and field, it was already past my bedtime. The coverage has been a little sad in my opinion. On the flip side though, I am enjoying the events that go by super fast but let you see different athletes and sports – like the triple jump and the pole vault. The triple jump looks scary!

I’m also still enjoying my porch flowers. In fact, one of the things I love most is all the color variety of the purples: light, medium, and dark.

Not sure what it is but flowers make me so happy!

I have two pots filled with the purple petunias and both are getting a little unruly, so I chopped one of them way back so it can start to grow again. Meanwhile the other plant still has all the blooms. That way I won’t have flowers gone from both plants.

Ben was craving Mexican last night so we packed up and headed across town to Fajita Republic for some good eats.

I had a coupon for a free margarita and went with the standard blended strawberry with sugar. Ben got one of their fancy signature flavors – the Patron margarita on the rocks with salt. (salt??)

I tried a chimichanga. I’m sure I must have had one at some time but I could never remember trying one so decided to go for it – and customized it chock full of rice and black beans.

Ben ordered a burrito the size of his head – half red sauce and half queso. I’m not sure the picture does it justice to just how MASSIVE this burrito was!

So big that all the extras were delivered on a second plate!

Work just started a company wide challenge to log 100 miles on a pedometer during the month of August. The challenge started yesterday and runs through the 2nd of September. Instead of having to track your stride and convert to miles, they are only tracking steps and each participant is given a chart that translates that to miles. I signed up – why not? – and have one day done. I figured I need to hit a touch over 7000 steps a day to finish at 100 miles.

I’ll have to figure out how that’s going to affect my biking – maybe bike on the weekends?

I took off walking last night hoping to get back before the gymnastics started (no worries there!) and just went at a nice, easy pace. No headphones or GPS beeping away at me to pick up the pace and it was a nice walk.

I have my gym bag in the car and am set to head back to the gym tonight. Have a great day!


4 Responses

  1. I’m glad I found your blog! I agree about Olympic coverage and I am glad they are showing so many different sports versus just the top ones. I never knew so much about each one!

  2. Mmmm I love salt on my margaritas 🙂

  3. That is a huge burrito!

    Flowers make me happy, too. They are just so colorful and cheerful – how can they not make you happy?

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