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Trouble and a Half Marathon

It’s been a crazy weekend here and filled with plenty of highs and lows. I’ve decided to get the lows out of the way first so we can then focus on all the fun stuff.

On Saturday morning I sat up in bed and was puzzled because something didn’t seem right… I must have heard the crash but it didn’t register. My closet shelf apparently was not drilled into the beams and was just bolted into the drywall and gave out.

I had just tucked some breakables and glass on the top shelf without wrapping up well. Obviously wasn’t expecting it to plummet to the ground and I haven’t even had the heart to look in the boxes to check for damage yet.

This is what the shelf looked like after all the top boxes were hauled off

And the small bolts that acted as support fixtures were all ripped out of the wall.

The timing couldn’t be worse since I *just* sent in my lease termination request. They’d probably replace and fix it for free if I was staying so now I have no idea what this will do. Since I just had the door repaired a few weeks ago as well, I think they’re probably not too happy with me. Sigh. How was I supposed to know the clothes bar couldn’t carry a full rack of clothes along with a row of boxes on top?? 😦

And don’t get me started on where to PUT all those clothes and boxes in the meantime. For the moment they are sitting exactly as you saw them: in a pile inside the closet.

I was a grumbling mess so Ben made me my morning coffee and eggs. What a guy. πŸ™‚

A noteworthy snack of the day was my hazelnut iced coffee and half of a cantaloupe. I almost thought I let it ripen a little too long but it was one of the best melons I’ve ever had. Super juicy and sweet. We picked up 2 more at the store this weekend.

I’ve been stiff and sore all weekend. The trainer on Friday only gave me a 20 minute workout but I was feeling it! It’s amazing how out of shape I am (OK, not that amazing). He had me do lots of modifications to make some exercises a bit easier and I’m going to work on putting together a little sheet and walk you through what I’m doing, if anyone thinks that would be helpful/interesting. Let me know.

With that being said, I’ve decided to sign up for the personal training. It would be 8 sessions – most likely on Fridays. I just have to figure out the details for when would be best to sign up and get going. It’s pricey but I really am at a loss. In fact, I’ve pumped up the activity level this past week and put on an additional 5 pounds. Ugh

Part of that activity push was a glorious bike ride yesterday. The temps were in the high 70s and despite the wind, I wanted to get out and about and see if some easy paced biking would help ease my sore muscles. Luckily none of the muscles that were hurting were bothered by the biking. Hurray!

I didn’t have a planned route or mileage planned so I just took off down the road into a very stiff headwind. Ouch! I kept thinking I should turn around and head in the other direction but thought it would be better to head into the wind on fresh legs and turn around and head for home with the wind with me.

I pushed through the first couple miles and my jelly legs needed a break at 3.33 miles (not planned, but kinda funny). I stopped long enough to snap a quick picture and make a few windmill rotations with my arms.

I tried to get away from town quickly and head back into more of the coutryside. Less cars! The roads around my apartment are crumbling and not in very good repair so I’d rather tackle those with 2 or 3 cars zooming by a minute than a car every 2 or 3 seconds!

There were fields full of corn that appeared to the layman to be unaffected by the drought. In fact, my favorite part of the ride was hearing the wind whip through the corn sending the tassels fluttering and hearing the gentle thrumming noise as I flew past.

Not all the fields were thriving though. This field’s corn was only about knee high.

I weaved up and down some side roads and admired some beautiful homes on open, rolling lots. They were the epitome of countryside homes. As I hit the turn-around point (legs were burning), I realized I had been slowly climbing uphill into the wind. Well no wonder! I made the next 2 miles zooming downhill barely pedaling at all. Easy

I cycled back through a neighborhood Ben and I had been looking at months ago. New homes are still popping up all around.

I wanted to bike past a park and made the bad decision to head down a main road with no shoulders, 45mph speeds, and a large plummet. Naturally going down a hill your bike wants to gain speed and I had people right on my elbow. The road was so jagged and bumpy I was momentarily terrified. There wasn’t just no shoulder – there also was a fairly significant drop-off. It was a few tenths of a mile I will NEVER repeat.

After the near death experience I made a stop a mile from home and snapped a shot of the very tame geese.

I scooted back home tired and dehydrated. I need to make a few alterations. First, I need some kind of water bottle. I wasn’t expecting to go so far, so I just hydrated well beforehand, but I was thirsty well before I got home. Also, my tiny pack which was supposed to hang from the back of my bike only fits right in front and never stays in place. Kind of annoying. Need to bungee it or something. Finally, a bigger seat for my tush wouldn’t hurt either. πŸ˜‰

Glancing down at my Garmin and I was exactly at 13.1 miles – a half marathon on my bike! It’s really been 5 years since I have biked and 2nd time out this year and you know what? I miss it. I like how much faster I can go biking because, to me, there’s something very satisfying about ticking mile after mile off. I guess this is how long distance runners must feel? I wish it had been a cooler summer so I could have gotten more in. Still a ways to go off my 2012 goal but a decent dent for sure!

Look at the wind in my hair! Crazy windy day!!

Ride Stats:

Distance: 13.1 miles

Avg Speed: 10.7 mph

Max Speed: 16 mph

Calories Burned: 696


9 Responses

  1. Sorry about the shelf collapse. That kind of thing would happen to me.

    Good luck with the personal trainer. I’ve been to a couple. The best one we ever had was tough but very effective. It was too bad he was so unreliable. When he showed up, it was great.

    Great job on the bike ride. Perfect weekend for it.

  2. Oh no on the shelf! I hope nothing broke. You might just need to put the shelf back up yourself with some molly bolts.

    Great job on the biking. I love biking! (Like you didn’t know that). Have you tried putting that bike back underneath your seat behind you? I might go better there.

    • I was thinking of just slapping it back up except the metal pieces that would support the clothes bar snapped off… I could *maybe* dangle 4 or 5 t-shirts without causing the entire bar to fall but that’s it. Going to have to be replaced. And yes, I do remember reading somewhere that you liked to bike. πŸ˜‰

  3. I am now worried about my closet shelves collapsing! I wonder what the max weight is for them…
    I’m pretty jealous of your bike ride. Chris and I have been wanting to get bikes for years now – but something else has always came up. I really miss riding everyday, like I did when… you know, I was a kid!

    • Just take off a box and you’ll be OK. I think the biggest issue was that I had one of those closet drop down canvas shelves that allow you to really pack extra clothes into a smaller space. That’s probably where the weak point was. You definitely should try to get back on the bike. I can’t believe how much I missed it!

  4. Ah my goodness gracious! So sorry to hear about the shelf! But very proud of you on the bike πŸ™‚

  5. Oh no…the shelf thing sucks! Hope nothing was broken. You go girl on your biking and workouts!!!!!

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