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To train or not to train

Please – may we have a brief moment of silence for my arms? They died about an hour ago and I miss them. They kinda feel like….

definitely jello

I stopped over at the gym for my scheduled appointment after work

I wasn’t sure what to expect – but it was a basic meet and greet with one of the trainers who then proceeded to walk me through 20 minutes of agony to determine my fitness level. (I’ll save you all from the suspense – it’s low (ha!!) ). Actually, he didn’t say that but based on the beginner exercises and the modifications he suggested for improvement, I see that there IS a lot of room for improvement. Then of course there’s the pitch to sign up with the trainer. I’d love to – I think there are tons of benefits: I’d actually go each week since he’d be there waiting for me, I’d have someone to help me through the things I don’t know how to do on my own – namely all the non cardio activities, and it would help with my confidence in the beginning while I’m getting adjusted to the gym. However, it’s pricey. Very, very pricey. I’m tempted to invest for the 2 month commitment to get the ball rolling and hopefully have a solid foundation for moving forward after that but I have to weigh the price tag too. Trust me, I’ve spent more money on sillier and less effective things for sure but some unknown reason I balk at large price tags for fitness things because I generally feel like I *should* be able to figure it out on my own. But I don’t. So there you go.

With my arms and legs conspiring against me, my plans to go out for an afternoon bike ride have fallen to the wayside. I’ll see how I feel later but I think my muscles are going to really feel some hurting tomorrow and I don’t want to compound the issue. Might be better off just trying for some gentle stretching.

Meanwhile… I have a ton of strawberries cut up and ready to be put into something yummy

I’m sensing another pie attempt in my future!

Have a great Friday everyone!


One Response

  1. Definitely do some stretching! (like I am one to talk… )

    The trainer thing is always an interesting decision. I have only met with a trainer once in my life eons ago and they set me up with exercises and I just did those over and over again after that first meeting. Now I just read books. I find those to be pretty motivating and a good break when I don’t feel like making up my own routine. You could see if there is another local trainer available who is not affiliated with your gym and see how expensive they are.

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