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Alex and the Packer 5K

I can’t believe how remiss I am in giving a recap of the Packer 5K run this past weekend! Originally (pre-kidney stones) the plan was to wog my way through this. Last year they started late in the morning and it was sweltering and hot. This year they moved it to 6pm and while it wasn’t as sweltering – had they moved it just a hair later, I think the heat and humidity would have dropped significantly.



Runners to your marks!!


(Alex is in the front off to the left in the white tank top)

Alex was battling a bit of a cold. We’re not sure if it’s just a bug. My Dad went to the Dr to get his congestion checked out and he has recursive mono! Apparently if you get mono, the virus stays in your system and can pop back up years – or decades – later. Hopefully he can recoup soon!

The Packers just finished rebuilding their mega jumbo-tron. It’s massive!



The heat from last year was a wash with the bug he’s been battling and his time was pretty much the same as last year – just a bit over 23 minutes. His best time in this event was 2 years ago when he finished in 20 min and change.

Rounding the finish line…



I gotta tell you though, I am not sure how Alex got all the athletic genes in the family, but I certainly enjoy living vicariously through him. I love the energy at the start of a race and the excitement is contagious.


I grabbed a quick pic of Alex with all his race bibs and race bling




I finally hit the gym yesterday!! I am not quite sure why going alone unnerves me so much but I felt really alone and uncomfortable going in alone. Maybe cause I’m used to going to the gym with Ben? Maybe because this gym is so much bigger? Maybe because I don’t know where anything is? (I was also amazed by how many people don’t wipe off the machines after they use them… definitely have to clean BEFORE I use them again!!).

My main objective was just to get in the gym and get some kind of exercise under my belt. Nothing fancy. I found an elliptical off in a corner and worked through 30min before calling it a day. I know it will get better the more I go. Heck, maybe I’ll even make some friends there? I am really looking forward to the weekend though – a slow time for gyms and an optimal time to poke around and get comfortable.

Hopefully they don’t make me wait forever to watch with women’s all-around the way they did with the men last night. This girl can’t stay up that late so many nights in a row!


3 Responses

  1. That is a lot of race bling – congrats to Alex!

    I actually really like going to the gym alone. I talk a bit to people there, but not much because I am very no-nonsense at the gym and get my workout done. I often see people gabbing away and only doing a bit of workout and I have done my whole one in that time. Wonder if they realize how little they actually worked out? Probably not LOL!

    It does take a while to get comfortable at a new gym, though. It always feels a bit like trespassing at first, at least to me!

    • trespassing – that’s a good concept for it. Most likely because in the beginning everyone else knows where things are, what the general protocol is, the ebb and flow and I feel lost and insecure. Plus I always seem to be sandwiched between the two fittest, tannest bouncing girls in the place!

  2. Great race Alex! I don’t know how anyone can run late in the day. I really struggle if it’s after 8 in the morning.

    I used to love going to the gym alone. I avoided talking to anyone if at all possible. Course, when you go at 5 am, not many folk want to talk 😉

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