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Dusting off the bike

I’ve had a yearly goal to get back on my bike and put a couple hundred miles under my belt. I’ve gotten off to a late start but now I have some numbers on the board. There used to be an awesome 9 mile loop around my parents’ house and back when I lived with them and was exercising like a crazy person, I’d often do the 9 mile lap in the mornings, some dumbbell exercises in the early afternoon, and then 3-5miles of walking in the evening. How I ever had the time then, I don’t know.

But I haven’t been on my bike since I moved out back in 2009 – and to be honest, probably not for a year or two before that as well. It’s been a while. But… well you know what they say, it’s a piece of cake to get back on a bike. 😉

I bought an air pump and had Ben help me get my tires all ready to rock n roll.

All suited up and ready to ride!

It didn’t occur to me that I’d be a little nervous getting back on the road but the street I live on is busy and the speed limit is 45 which means people generally go 50-55mph. I pulled out onto the shoulder and freaked out and pedaled like crazy towards the next side road. Whew!

I curved around through the back neighborhood streets and then took the road and headed towards work to see if I could gauge how long it would take me if I biked to work in the morning. The side road is a mile and not in good shape. It’s crumbling apart with lots of patches and potholes and I felt my teeth chattering around  as I gripped the handlebars and offered a few prayers I wouldn’t slide into the ditch. Not good. I’m thinking trekking to work at 6:15 in the morning is probably not a good time to tackle that street. Maybe if they resurface it. I stopped across the street from work at the tennis club before heading back.

Self head shot – I felt like Lori!

I tacked an extra little bit onto the end since I didn’t go the full way into work and came in about 15 minutes. Very doable for a morning ride except I was a sweaty mess. Not sure I’d want to be starting out the day with bike hair and back sweat!

First ride stats:

distance: 5.87 miles

top speed: 15.1

avg speed: 11.0

calories burned: 324

Hurray for getting back on the bike!


One Response

  1. Nice! I hate busy roads, too. I grit my teeth and sometimes curse at the drivers when they come too close.

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