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Off to Door County

Mondays are always a bummer – coming back to work with Friday a long, long way away is never easy. Coming back after a week of vacation is even worse but I am so thankful for the time off to relax and recharge. It was sooooo needed.

I mentioned last night that I joined a gym. I’ve been thinking about joining somewhere for a long time but I’ve kept putting it off. It seems weird to join in the middle of the Summer but the weather hasn’t let me be as active as I’ve wanted, plus I wanted to have some continuity for year-round exercise and some variety as well. Now I have access to a salt-water pool (how cool is that?), all the exercise classes, a cardio theatre room, and a trainer to get me started. Plus, it was ridiculously cheap – less than $14/month. So we’ll see how it all goes.

Ben and I drove up to Door County over the weekend to visit Ben’s parents at their camper. They have a permanent site and spend a lot of time up there each year. Ben and I went to visit a couple years ago for a weekend and it was great to be back again for a visit.

We weren’t sure how it would all work out – we left and drove through a huge thunderstorm but it cleared up and and the sun popped out mid-way.


We stopped for a quick lunch in Sturgeon Bay. Ben found an awesome lunch spot with organic food options: Bluefront Cafe.


We each tried the turkey sandwich on black bean salsa bread. It was out of control amazing. I seriously cannot stop raving about the bread and really want to find something like it here. It was chewy and soft yet thick and substantial. Plus the flavor had a slight kick to it. Just really tasty.


The Bluefront was about a block from the waterfront, so we quickly drove past to check out the amazing views,


take note of the pretty flowers growing in between the rocks,


and pose for photo ops.



We spent the rest of the day with Ben’s folks at their campsite. They made us a wonderful dinner of grilled chicken and fire roasted veggies.


They are here so often they have a pretty sweet campsite set-up.


I munched and munched on grapes. I really love grapes and told Ben we’re going to eat more grapes in the future.


We got back to Green Bay around 10:45pm and crashed. Long day for us!

I’m also totally enjoying the Olympics. I missed the opening ceremonies since we were driving home from the campsite but I’ve been watching every night. I only watched a tiny bit in Beijing – not even any of the swimming – and I’m really enjoying soaking up all the different sports. Really loved the diving last night. It is a quick event to watch and I like to think I’m getting better at telling which dives are better than others. 🙂

The plan is to try my first workout at the gym tonight. I’d like to get a bit of cardio in and be home well before the Olympic coverage starts at 7pm. Priorities ya know.


2 Responses

  1. Nice price on the gym! It’s nice when it is really affordable like that.

    I like grapes, too, but I only buy them when they are on sale because I am cheap LOL!

  2. GREAT pics Ali!!!!!!!

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