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It’s here folks. My very first week of vacation for the year and I am soooooo ready for it.  Nothing much planned except for a few fun little treats for myself. A whole lot of doing what I want, when I want.

I ❤

Ben’s taking Thurs and Fri off but I’m on my own for the beginning of the week. When he woke up this morning and started the shower, I woke up and decided to get in an early morning wog before it got too hot (expected to hit 95 today!). It was great that I went when I did because I was already soaked half-way through from the sticky humidity. Luckily there was a tiny and very welcomed breeze. Finished in 23 minutes and was showered and sipping coffee by 7am.

Seriously LOVE vacation!

I was comparing my training times last year with where I am this year and despite a lot LESS training, I was much faster last year. Maybe I was lighter (possibly)? Maybe I had better weather (probably)? But when comparing I decided to go back and try last year’s plan of jogging for 15 seconds and walking for 45 and repeating that the entire time. The change up was just what I needed – those 15 seconds flew by (such a difference from the 2 minutes of running I’d been doing) and I shaved about 20 seconds off my pace time. I think I’ll try mixing it up back and forth a little more often for variety.

It’s funny how even though we’re a good 2 months away from closing on the house, we are already thinking about improvements and little projects we want to tackle at some point. We browsed the new mega Menards that opened a few months ago and got all kinds of fun ideas.

Ben wants to build some kind of brick fire pit:

And I want to rip up a bunch of the bushes and plant tulips, daffodils, peonies, and roses.

So, of course, I made Ben come and look at all the ones they had 🙂

My favorite was the Don Juan – it smelled absolutely out of this world

But I also loved the Heirloom tea rose – the purple/pink was so pretty

Ben said one of the first small things he wants to do is replace the light fixture over the kitchen table. He suggested something like this:

I was leaning more towards something a little less…. antler-ish?

There will definitely be some interesting conversations to come 🙂

After we had our fill of inspecting every countertop, vanity, and appliance, we went out to get some dinner.

My adorable date:

And me:

We went to our favorite local supper club – which we haven’t been to in months. Ben got some chicken and wild rice soup, which he said was really good, and I went with the salad and blue cheese crumbles.

But we both ordered the featured special: peppercorn crusted tenderloin with a whiskey sauce of shallots, garlic, and cream


I should probably mention another interesting house story. On Sunday we did our usual weekly trip to our old breakfast place and got the usual eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and english muffin and then Ben wanted to look at riding lawn mowers at Sears. Since we close on the house the end of Sept, we really won’t need the mower until Spring – we can borrow Mom and Dad’s for picking up leaves – but Ben still wanted to look and see what they had that could attach to a snow plow or snow blower.

And, long story short, that’s how we came to own what we now affectionately call “The Beast”

It was last year’s floor model and we scored such a crazy deal that I caved and let Ben get it. It was more than 60% off and the two snow blowers Ben has now were old hand-me-downs that probably won’t last more than a couple years. This sucker should be able to handle anything. I don’t remember all the specifics the boys discussed except that it has power steering and heated handlebars. What more can you need right?

Now we’re thinking of looking for lawn mowers in Jan/Feb to see if we can score an equally awesome deal!

Now I’m off to get a few things done around the apartment before I spend my afternoon with some popcorn and a movie.

Happy Monday!


6 Responses

  1. Damn – that is a huge snowblower!!

    I will email you some rose suggestions. You may want to stay away from tea roses as they are super high maintenance and particular (which is why I don’t grow them). I’ll get out my rose catalog and find some good ones to suggest later today.

  2. Hey- what is the name of your fav supper club? It looked on the water! I love trying new places. Hope you have a great week off!

  3. Hope you have a WONDERFUL vacation week Ali!!!!!

  4. Hmm I would have to agree with less antlers 🙂 haha So exciting to have a week to do a whole lot of nothing..that sounds perfect! Enjoy it!!!

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