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How on earth do they do it?

It’s raining again. Cats, Dogs, and little children. It’s wonderful. 🙂

Truth be told, this was probably the most ideal way to follow up the last storm. After so many weeks of hot, dry weather, the first rains helped soften the ground and I think this storm should do wonders for helping grass and hopefully crops to bounce back a bit.

I drove over to Walmart for a quick errand and spied the hanging flower baskets outside Culvers. I was not at all interested in the flavor of the day (am I coming down with something?) but was just FIXATED on the flower baskets.

Well… look at them

This one too:

Yes, I probably look like a creeper taking pictures of flower baskets outside Culvers. But seriously, with this kind of heat, how do they stay so gorgeous??? My flower basket is looking more like a pile of brown weeds with some brownish/purplish flowers sticking out every once in a while. And I keep mine out of the beastly sun during the crazy hot days.

I *almost* went inside to find out who was responsible, but it was around dinner time and I’m not that brave.

But seriously….


Meanwhile, over at Casa d’ Ali, I can’t even get my peppers to grow bigger than my thumb

I am a hanging basket failure. Even more so for not taking a picture of my basket for comparison.


I do know more than the professionals they hire at work to mulch around the trees.

What. The. Heck?

Hard to totally tell from the picture but that’s at least 6″ of mulch piled on top of the tree. A word of wisdom for all of you with similar mulch fixations: roots need oxygen. If you bury the roots under layers and layers of mulch, the roots will try and surface to find air and mulch isn’t as sturdy or nutrient-dense the way soil is. Often the roots will wrap around the trunk of the tree trying to pop up and then a large storm with tons of wind will knock your gorgeous tree right over. We’ve all seen it happen, maybe some of you just didn’t know a likely cause.

Proper mulching should be light and only an inch or so deep. Also think about where those roots go when you lay down huge bricks around the tree. I’m just saying.

OK, that’s my green tip of the day for you. Now I’m off to wade my way into work and not get too wet!


One Response

  1. Those baskets get tons of water and lots of fertilizer. Baskets are notorious nutrient and water suckers. Lots of maintenance.

    We had a nice amount of rain and an overnight soaking of several hours. The lawns are perking up a bit. And it is blessedly cooler now!

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