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Time for pie?

Yesterday afternoon while I was at work, a growing rumble could be heard even tucked away into a corner conference room. People were excited and the cause was an upcoming storm.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably are well aware of the drought going on. I can’t imagine what the farmers are going through – but I haven’t seen a lawn mower used in weeks. The grass is brown and cracks under your feet.

But a storm rolled through and with it came plenty of lighting, booming thunder, and rain. I don’t know if it is enough to do significant repair, but it’s a start right?

When I got home last night the temps had significantly dropped and it was feeling cooler out. I opened the windows, closed the windows, and re-opened as the wind patterns changed. Then I decided it was time to crank on the oven and make something!

Last Friday my mom was in line for the last peach delivery of the year and they sold out FOUR people ahead of her! I was am heartbroken. Now the long wait until next year.

What she did pick up though, was 5 lbs of blueberries:

I found a berry pie from peasandthankyou and decided to use that filling with a similar but better looking crust.

The best thing about making food is that the wheels turn in my head and I’m always thinking of ways to improve something.

Like, for instance, the fact that rolling out a pie crust requires a rolling pin (which I don’t have). Fingers work o-kay in a pinch but the pin would get it more evenly distributed.

I was nervous to just mix fruit with sugar and cornstarch and hope it thickened enough. So nervous I added extra cornstarch!

MMM pie

When mom would make pies growing up, she’d always use the rolling pin and save the little side scraps for us. We’d dash into the room and gleefully nibble on the uncooked crust pieces.

My youngest brother Alex was never a fan of pie, but loved the crust. After we’d get sick of ripping off the top flute of dough to give to him, mom learned to make a bit more crust than usual, which she’d roll out in a square, prick with a fork, and cook up for him. We referred to it as ‘dough pie’

Well… my suspicions were correct – it came out of the oven soupy. I tried popping it into the fridge to try and firm it up more, which helped – but it was still a bit runny for my taste.

Luckily the crust turned out great!

It was tasty though and enough so that I think I’ll try and make a few tweaks and then get something I could publish for all of you.

Do you have a fun memory cooking with your mom/aunt/dad/brother/sister? I have so many stories and would love to hear yours!


4 Responses

  1. I LOVE blueberries! Lucky you 5lbs and a terrific pie. 🙂

  2. That pie looks good! What I use to thicken my berry pies is minute tapioca. That stuff works great and makes perfectly set fillings. Just a tablespoon or 2 in with the berries and sugar. Let is sit for 15 minutes and then fill the crust.

    • You know, I was thinking tapioca too! I went with the filling recipe as it was written to see if it would surprise me. But it definitely needed a little thickening and I was leaning towards maybe cooking the fruit and cornstarch, or trying tapicoa, or adding some kind of creamy something-or-other to reduce runny-ness. (word?)

      I think you’re right – tapioca must be tried!

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