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Inspection Passed

One more thing checked off the to-do list: the home inspection passed yesterday. The only thing they found (besides minor things we’ll fix whenever) was a bird’s nest in the attic because a screen had fallen out. So we’ll have them climb up there are remove it.

But I did promise a couple yard pictures, so I took these while chatting with the home inspector.

Side of the house with flowering shrubs:


A look down the left side of the big backyard:

You can just make out the large storage garage in the back corner. I’m also so excited to have the awesome clothes line. No more hanging clothes to dry on racks in my apartment!

And big, beautiful trees!

All the trees and shrubs were surrounded by rocks (see first picture with the flowering shrub) and I know how absolutely terrible those are for trees, so it will be a project to remove all the rocks and lay down just a tiny layer of mulch. Probably not a project for this year.

Ben’s folks dropped by to see the house for the first time. We were glad they were able to see it now instead of having to wait until closing.

We had some leftover bratwurst that made for a quick dinner

Along with a Ben staple – cheesy pasta with broccoli… atop more cheese? What can I say, we live in WI and love cheese 🙂

I’m re-doing week 5 of my 5K training program to get back into the swing. It’s rough going and although I’ve gone 3 times at week 5, I think I need another wog (walk/jog) or two before moving back to the 2 minute running segments. I started out so fast yesterday, totally ran out of gas, and for some reason, when I wog past people I hold my breath and try to move faster past them, and it totally throws off my breathing, etc…

I’ve also been compiling all my training runs from last year that I had stored on my Garmin. I’ll be interested to see where I am this year compared to last year.

Happy Humpday!


7 Responses

  1. I love that pasta and broccoli dish…it looks reall good!

    • We’ve made it using pasta and melting cheese and a bit of milk in it but the quick standard when we’re in a hurry is to use Annie’s white cheddar macaroni. Just throw the cut up broccoli in along with the pasta, drain it all together, toss in the cheese and milk, and you’re done. Easy and delicious!

  2. Look at that yard! so awesome!!!

  3. Yay! You found your house. Good luck and hope all goes smooth with the closing.

  4. Congrats!! That’s great news you found a place AND it passed! 🙂

  5. Congrats! Yay! Guess it is time to invest in a riding mower 😀

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