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Cooler with no breeze


It’s not even 7am on a weekend and yet I am already up and about. Ben was out till the wee hours of the night hanging out with some of his friends and is still fast asleep (which is funny, since he almost never sleeps in this late. Me, I crave those extra hours of Zzzzz time)

We took advantage of some coupon deals and took a quick trip to the bowling alley!


I have always loved bowling but we rarely go. When I first moved to Green Bay after graduating college, my brother Matt and I joined a couples bowling league. We both purchased balls and shoes and looked forward to Sunday evening smack-downs with the other *much* older couples who were part of the league. I even won “most improved bowler” – which wasn’t too hard considering I was so bad! (and still am)

The hot weather broke for a few days but there’s absolutely no wind so the apartment is still not feeling very good. I hate the idea of turning on the A/C when it’s 64 degrees outside, but the cool air just isn’t working its way in. I even have a box fan in the window trying to pull it in.

My pepper plant is also not fond of the heat. Each time a pepper starts to form, the stem dries up and the pepper falls off. This is the biggest one I’ve gotten to date:

Really hoping I can get a few decent sized veggies from the plant!

OK, my coffee has had time to digest so I’m going to scamper off for a nice and quiet training run. Can’t beat the weather! Have a great rest of your weekend!!!


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  1. Glad the cooler weather has come your way! We are going to have a cooler week as well. Yay!!

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