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Mini Vacation

I’m not lying, it’s crazy to be back in the office after having yesterday off. With Ben and me both home, it felt more like a Saturday. When my alarm interrupted my slumber I gave it a questioning look – it should be Sunday, right? – before realizing it was only Thursday and I needed to high-tail it to work.

Bummer isn’t it?

On the pluc side, the office is going to be a ghost town these next two weeks. In fact, I think I’m the only one holding down the fort in my department today. Which is totally fine. I have one single, quick meeting and the rest of the day to crank out work and be totally productive.

Yesterday was wicked heat-wise. You’d walk outside to hop into the car and by the time you reached the car, your arms were sticky to the touch. Ick. It’s supposed to hit 99 today (maybe 100???) and the humidity is still in the air. It’s thick, hot, and rough. Definitely the hottest summer I can ever remember. If we can hold out a few days later, the temps will be back into the lower/mid-80s. Still warm for me but a TON better than this mid-90 and high humidity stuff!

We decided to spend the morning dining at our Sunday breakfast place. Since we ate later than usual, I was starving!

The usual:

And Ben and I split an order of stuffed french toast. A half order is just the perfect size!

A little after lunchtime we went over to my folks to swim in the pool and enjoy some family fun and a big cook out.

Mom put out quite the awesome spread:

Red, white, and blue tortilla chips, taco dip, cheese & sausage, veggies & dip, fruit, burgers, brats, and smoked sausages.

Take a look at the fruit! Be still my heart!

 I am such a fruit nut!

We opted not to head downtown for the 9:45pm fireworks. It was still crazy hot/humid. Luckily my apartment overlooks a lot of neighborhoods that apparently go all-out with their own backyard displays. They were huge, beautiful, and I didn’t feel like I missed out from the downtown show.

But… have you ever tried taking a picture of fireworks? On a camera that has a delay in the dark? It’s HARD. I took about 30 pictures but they were all lackluster.

Most ended up looking like this:

 But it’s so hard to time them!

I did get a few semi-decent shots though…

How was your 4th?



2 Responses

  1. Looks like a great day Ali. Isn’t it strange to have a stat holiday mid week? Throws everything off, but still, nice to have the day.

    • I do feel a little off but you’re right, a day out of the office is STILL a day away right? However, I’m enjoying the A/C at work a whole lot right now. It’s 97 outside!!

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