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Too Much PC Time

Hey everyone, did you have a rock’in weekend?

Our schedule felt a little off because Ben took Thurs and Fri off so he could go to Summerfest with some friends. He made it home late Thursday (3:30am) which meant my night was sleeping with one eye open making sure he got home OK. I felt like the parent of a teenager. Ha!

So when I got home from work on Friday and Ben had woken up and was hanging out, it felt more like a Saturday. Not to mention we were both exhausted.

For dinner we tried a restaurant we’d never been to before: Taste of the South. They serve all kinds of Southern cuisine: jambalaya, gumbo, fried chicken, red beans and rice, and – naturally – corn bread.

Neither of us is very adventurous when it comes to eating so it was not surprising Ben went with the chicken. Nary a veggie to be found!

I was super proud of myself for ordering something different: gumbo! It had sausage and okra in it. I’ve never had okra and never had gumbo and was excited to try it!

I didn’t realize that gumbo is loaded full of chicken bones and after biting into one, I was pretty wary as I poked through my bowl of stew. Gumbo was a fail on my part.

So we ended up swinging by the Taco Bell drive thru for a chalupa (and I shudder to think of the ‘meat’ they use – the processed ingredients, etc but it tastes sooooooo good.

We must be having a record hot summer here – it feels like the 90 degree days just keep coming and coming. As a result we’re staying huddled up in the apartment, tucked under my box A/C unit running up a massive power bill as we sit, surf the Web, and play online games.

And eat things that require little cooking time:

The air is so thick and hot I have a hard time being outside. As I charged my Garmin, I looked back at my training program – I’ve lost a good month due to my kidney issue. –sigh– Now with just 2 months left to go, I have some serious ground to make up and the string of 90+ temps forecasted aren’t looking too friendly.

As maybe another sign we need to find more to do other than veg around, Ben was playing his video game last night and fell completely backwards in his chair. Without missing a beat, he was upright again and yelling commands to his friends online for some group shooter game.

Apparently the chair is terminal…

We walked to an Open House near my apartment yesterday and it looks like it could be a possibility. Not our dream house but something that could maybe be the 5 yr house. We have 2 showings tonight and one of the houses I am super excited about. Will let you know how it goes.

Stay cool!


5 Responses

  1. Bummer that the taste of the south was a tank. I tried the gumbo and I hated it! I LOVED the jambalya, it was so so so good and the fried okra.

  2. That taste of the south food looks delicious though!

  3. What a bummer of a place – gumbo is amazing and shouldn’t have chicken bones in it. Boooo.

  4. Bummer for the blech gumbo! Have a great Monday.

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