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Anyone who has ever bought a house – or thought of buying one – goes through a certain pattern of thought…

The obvious:

How many beds, how many baths?

What area of town?

Should we build? or Buy?


And then the more picky wish list:

Can I snag a great deal and only need to do minor touch ups?

Hmm, I can’t settle for a lot that size

The neighbors next door? I don’t think so!


And like most other people, Ben and I have swirled through a lot of this as well. We found a SUPER deal on a lot – but the layout and shape would be weird to build on. We found the PERFECT house, except the backyard was only 10 feet wide. And, just yesterday, we found a GREAT deal – an acre and a half yard, 3 stall garage, 4 bedrooms, 1.5 miles from my office, 2 doors down from one of my girlfriends, and 90K below the fair market value.

It sounded too good to be true and, like most things, it was.

Now admittedly we knew the house would need some work. You don’t list a perfect house that low unless it needs some help. We were prepared to rip out every bit of carpet, tile, vinyl – basically replace all the floors, re-paint and all the rooms, replace all three garage doors that somehow had all been smashed, and figured some of the fixtures, etc probably would need updating down the line.

But the house looked a little *too* lived in… and abused

Living room ceiling:


Garage ceiling:

Basement family room:

(we think that’s hot sauce… maybe?)

Plus some interesting signs that the previous owners may have been a tad hard on things:

Overall the house had a very sad and beaten look

As much as I think it would be fun to do a total gut and repair job, I didn’t like the layout of the house enough to even think about trying to persuade Ben (makes the teeny tiny bit of surface mold on the two wooden windows at that one house look like NOTHING now!)

But, I will admit the backyard was crazy wonderful:

(and there was no train!)

We are going to look at two more houses on Monday when our realtor is back in town. Eventually we’ll find the perfect one. It’s amusing though, because when we first started house hunting, I thought Ben was going to be the one to like everything we looked at and I would be the one to keep saying ‘No’. However, I’m finding Ben is much more patient than I am (which is good) and while I see potential for making everything work somehow, he’s waiting until we find a house that we don’t have to make work – it already is what we need.

I should also mention that I may be extra eager to find the dream house because I’m sitting here at my computer and wiping the sweat from my face at 5:58am. It’s going to be super humid and hot the next WEEK (argh) and my little A/C unit is not cutting it.

Ben’s off to Summerfest today with some friends. I’m telling him to ease off the beer and guzzle water so he doesn’t get kidney stones (ha ha). Meanwhile I need to scamper off to work. This week is crazy/ridiculous busy. Thank goodness the weekend is just around the corner.

Stay cool everyone!


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  1. LOL – I looked at those pictures and got all excited. I love a rehab challenge!

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