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Life is Peachy

It’s no secret the past couple weeks have been rough for me. While the pain is totally gone, I’m just left with a slightly achy tummy and a general low energy level. I think the constant pain takes a toll and I’m probably overtired.

But the timing could not be better for peaches though, because what better way to comfort yourself than in the arms of sweet, juicy peaches?

Until you’re down to the last 3 wrinkly ones… which you hold onto and ration until they are almost to the point of mushiness.

But then your mother shows up with another half bushel and the peach party begins anew!

We’re expecting to get some hot weather. When I say “hot” I actually mean humid, thick, sticky, miserable-for-sleeping-in kind of weather. Mid/upper 90s in Wisconsin is NOT pleasant weather. It’s almost never a dry heat.

So with that in mind, last night was the last cool day for a while – which meant I had to bake something. Peach cobbler? Why, yes please.

I grabbed the recipe from Southern Living and tweaked it by reducing the sugar a bit, reducing the butter a LOT, swapping the flour for oat flour, and all my usual fixes.

It was pretty simple to whip together too. Just dice your peaches and cook in the cornstarch sauce until nice and thick.

Then I had to get fancy and stirred in some raspberries at the very end. Topped with the cobbler topping…

Nom Nom

And baked to a light golden brown

The ratio of berries to cobbler is a fine art too. I tend to like a little more cobbler so if I were to make it again I’d either add some more milk to soften and stretch the coverage a bit or just make 1 1/2 the cobbler amount.

Perfect for enjoying out on the porch

I proudly placed a warm bowl in front of Ben, still puffed up from my 5 star shortcake rating, but Ben said this was just 3 stars.

Hello? THREE stars? It’s just because it had peaches folks and Ben’s not a fan. Trust me, this recipe is a keeper.

Then again, you could serve me dirt covered peaches and I’d probably eat those too! 🙂

There is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting on the porch on a cool summer evening with a warm bowl of cobbler, a gentle breeze, and an hour of relaxation.

I could go for another bowl right now!


6 Responses

  1. I love the cobbler topping as well. You should give Alton Brown’s cobbler recipe a try. He did peach but the topping is more of a dough that you almost roll out. Soooo good!

  2. I wish I liked peaches…that looks awesome!

  3. Love love love peaches and I’ve never had peach cobbler!!

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