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Wind, Rain, and Hail – Oh My!

We had an interesting weekend over here! It started out with my afternoon of vegging on the couch and pumping water when the wind started blowing really hard

Followed soon after by tons of rain

And then the loud thwack, thwack, thwack of hailstones pinging off the roof. It’s actually exciting to watch this stuff (maybe cause my car was safely parked in the garage too??) but I’ve always loved Summer storms. They are just really cool. One time when I was growing up, we were out in the middle of a field (me, my brothers, and my dad) when we saw this weird haze in the distance. Then, just like out of some crazy movie, one of my brothers yelled “it’s a wall of water – RUUUUN!” and we ran, and ran, before the wall just dumped on us. BUt we laughed and it was a great memory even years later.

Hail on the porch:

I’m pretty glad that big (HUGE) piece didn’t end up on a car or roof. Might have left some damage

Looks like snow!

Some of the pieces were pretty big too! They melt fast in your hand.

After the excitement of the hail and my subsequently texting Ben at work to see if they’d gotten any bad weather, I settled back onto the couch to watch past episodes of Desperate Housewives that I’ve never seen.

And I tried out a new Keurig flavor – the iced coffee!

It turned out great except it says to ‘brew over ice’ and since the coffee was so warm, it just melted the ice and was a luke-warm coffee. I think next time I’ll let the coffee sit a bit before adding the ice.

Sadly, I’m down to the last 3 small, wrinkly peaches

I put them in a pan and sauted them in a little butter and topped with some freshy whipped cream

Have I mentioned, ever, that I love peaches? Well… I do.

On Sunday we made our customary trip to our breakfast place

I told Ben my blog is seriously lacking pictures with people in them, so he took this picture as we left the restaurant.

I love the flower garden they have under their flag pole. So much bright color and interesting flowers to look at!

But, most importantly, I am happy to report that the worst is over and my tummy is feeling much better now. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% but definitely 85-90% there. Night and day difference and haven’t taken my pain meds for over a day now. Hooray!

I’m planning on getting out after work to hit the pavement and see how I do. I won’t push myself, at this point I’d just like to see how I am feeling and what my endurance level is looking at. Will post results tomorrow.

Happy Monday everyone. Hope your weekend was fantastic!


4 Responses

  1. Glad you are feeling better. Did the hail make you think of kidney stones?

  2. Hail always freaks me out because I am afraid my car will get dented (we leave it outside)

    • I hear you! Before I moved to my apartment I parked it outside. Once, during a big summer rainstorm (lots of wind, tornado warnings, etc) I dashed out to move my car away from some big trees and JUST as I ran outside and got soaked, a large branch fell on the top of my car… and the dent remains to this day. I just call it charm πŸ˜‰

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