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Happy, happy, happy Friday!

Monday morning I sat at my computer desk eyeing my medication warily while I contemplated needing to throw up in the bathroom and whether or not the meds would leave me even more dizzy/nauseated than I was. As you know, when in doubt… call Mom and she comes and picks you up. Issue solved.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Friday all week. There’s nothing worse than being at work and not 100% and it’s much easier for rest and recovery when I can lie down and/or sleep as needed.

And now Friday is here. Hurray! Just 4 hours of work this morning and I can settle in for some rest. Actually I’m doing a lot better today. I’d say 75% of the kidney pain is gone and most is now situated on the sides of my stomach. Hoping just a few more days and all this will be a distant memory!

Today’s Ben’s birthday so I tucked a new CD into his work backpack. Hopefully he finds it in there today. Then tonight we are possibly heading to his friend’s house for some music, food, and drinking (by Ben, I can’t drink while on these meds). But I’m not sure how I’ll do sitting in a fold-up chair without my endless supply of water at hand.

Last night we checked out a little Mexican restaurant attached to a gas station. Sounds classy, I know, but it was really cute inside

I’ve always loved the bright colors and decor! They also had terrific music playing – fast and upbeat and just the right volume so you could hear it without it hindering conversation.

I went with the combo dinner #4 – a taco, enchilada, beans, and rice

Ben only eats black beans so he got the combo #5 – 2 enchiladas, taco, and rice

The taco was terrific. If we ever go again I think I’d get a two taco platter. Ben was starving and ate every last bite off his place. I poked around the enchilada (white flour tortillas make me nervous of the gluten) but then decided I wanted a dessert to share

which had gluten too

I’d love to find an easy and tasty tiramisu recipe. This would be so much fun to make at home!

Ben and I split it and it was the perfect amount.

Just to be clear on the gluten – I don’t think I’m allergic by any means but I definitely notice a big difference in food cravings, weight gain, etc when I eat more flour. When I totally stay away I do much better. It’s hard, cause all the *super tasty* (read: bad for you) food has lots of flour and sugar… but then again I shouldn’t be eating any of that anyway. 🙂

I’m off to work and then plan to chug away the last of my kidney woes over the weekend. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping – it’s going to be a GREAT day!


3 Responses

  1. The weekend is almost here. Hope you feel better and can enjoy it. Too bad about the run/walk event but there will be others. 🙂

  2. Tiramisu at a Mexican restaurant? LOL.

    That looks so good. We so rarely have Mexican anymore. Not enough good places up north. The one place that is really good is a bit expensive to have very often.

    Happy Birthday to Ben!

  3. Glad you are on the mend Ali! Hopefully as you said, this WILL be a distant memory VERY soon!!! Happy Birthday to Ben!!!

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