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Water and Recovery

The worst part about any kind of sickness or discomfort is the uncertainty behind it. How soon it will be over? Is there anything that can be done to make it better? Is that *really* what’s going on here?

I should also state that the Internet is a wonderous and glorious thing – except when you’re searching for more information on kidney stones and end up freaking yourself out. Word of advice, don’t search the web if you get them: just pound water.

Anyways… on Saturday the pain was getting worse and my unease was rising. How much worse would it get; how much longer would it last? After a quick call to mom, we went to the medical center.

I had a blood draw…

And a few tests later it was confirmed that it was kidney stones. Mine were likely caused by not drinking enough water combined with calcium supplements. Since I’m young and healthy (relatively?) I should not be taking calcium according to the Dr.

We went over to Walmart to get my prescription filled for Vicodin. I’ve never been on the stuff before. As we waited for it to be filled at the pharmacy, we walked over to Culvers to get some lunch.

Burger and single scoop of butterfinger pecan for me

And a few of Ben’s cheese curds

After that, the rest of the weekend was spent reading and chugging water when I felt well

And laying on the couch curled up when I didn’t

I took the first pill on Sunday morning (the pain seems worse in the early morning) with breakfast

And tons of water

All day Sunday I drank water, water, and more water. I’ve seriously never drank even half as much water in a day as I did yesterday – and somehow it still didn’t seem like enough. I know this is going to take time (Dr said I could have to slug this out another WEEK or TWO – OMG) and it’s definitely harder being at work.

I’m a little terrified to be honest. I kept telling Ben that if this is the worst the pain ever gets, I’ll be OK but a lot is mental anxiety mixed with the pain wondering if all of a sudden I’ll be doubled over and need to rush back to the hospital.

Ben’s been a saint through all this though. He fills my water when it’s getting low, makes dinner so I don’t have to cook, hands me the remote when I can’t reach, and reassures me that it will all be over soon and that he plans to forever hound me to drink more water. šŸ˜‰ He even went for a very very slow one mile walk with me yesterday. I was wondering if the movement might help move stuff around and increase oxygen/blood flow/etc… so we trekked at a snail’s pace along.

Last night around 3 I woke up because there was a bunch of loud thunder and rain. Had to close all the windows (which I hate because I need the nights to help cool things down) and couldn’t get back to sleep after that. Plus, Vicodin makes you drowsy… Should be an interesting day.

So that was my weekend. Wherever you are, right now, go drink a large glass of water. Right now!!

Seriously – go do it now

Your kidneys will thank you


3 Responses

  1. Oh no! That sounds terrible. Hope they pass soon so you don’t have to endure any more pain.
    By the way, wish someone would tell me I’m took young to take calcium but Ho-Hum…the word for me is “OMG! Take it – TAKE IT!” Bummer šŸ˜¦

  2. Poo Ali – I really hope you are doing better today.

  3. Awww….so sorry this is so bad Ali. Wish I could send the stone removal fairy over your way!!!!! Hugs, hope you feel MUCH better very soon!!!

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